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    PS4, anomoly search.. Kerbin and the Mun

    Thanks, I will try this. Cheers!
  2. PS4 console. default controls. current version, as far as I know. I've not played in awhile, but started again. I have never landed at any of the anomalies, ever. Do the anomalies show up in sandbox mode or only in the regular game. I've never really figured out the Kerb-net, so now that's my goal. Any console friendly suggestions?
  3. If there are pink markers in the manoeuvre indicator, it could be the trim set.
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    What did you do in KSP today?

    PS4, V 1.18, default controls. Haven't played KSP in awhile. I finally got Valentina to Duna surface, and back to Kerbin alive. Still love playing KSP, but an in game transfer window alert is needed. As it is, I went to sandbox mode and sped up time a couple years to get transfers. Cheers!
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    What is your save/space agency called?

    PS4 Career mode save. 'a new hope'
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    What gameplay rules do you impose on yourself?

    I'm on a PS4, I've completed the science tree only once in career mode. I'm currently playing in Sandbox mode. - I will decide before the launch if it's a test or not. - I try to leave no orbiting or free debris, I will occasionally go grab and return space junk. - I stick to actual relay and comm links for all remotes. - I haven't been strict about always using fairings. - No cheat menu. - Don't kill Kerbals. - any; game/controller/dog needs out/food spills/phone activity/glitches issues = a free reload
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    Thats a very nice report you should read.

    So a group of actual Rocket Surgeons may or may not be interested in what a very large group of rocket simulator gamers are doing? GOOD. A little imagination from the gaming community mixed in with some real world rocket experts may just yield some positive and useful ideas. Cheers!
  8. I believe that the PS4 machine has some screen settings that may fix the problem. I don't know about Xbox though. I'd like to see a few more Space Station parts, mainly for variety. But I'd really love to see some permanent Mun base parts, so my console Kerbals have something to do. If switching mods on and off are possible, it would be great to see a mod dedicated to Aeroplanes and atmospheric flight. As well as a dedicated remote base builder. But I think that the console game is already running at capacity.
  9. I've only ever played Kerbal Space Program on PS4, I was so thrilled to see the update come through on my PS4 today! I'll be checking out these changes, thanks for keeping us console players in the loop! This is a fantastic game. I'm so thrilled at how much this game has improved over the early console release. You folks have done an excellent job on a very complex game. Cheers all around!! also, Looking forward to some Expansion Paks or DLC!
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    Help with docking on console

    I don't know if I can add anything to the tutorial page that was linked...
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    More/Better Rover Parts

    The build process for rovers is somewhat "difficult" for console players... I'd love to be able to build better rovers.
  12. ConsoleKSP players input for this.... Without adding any math to the machine, simply ask a grad student to calculate the appropriate placement of the Lagrange points, then, without confusing my PS4 with equations and variables, simply allocate a few locations (defined in blue if you want) where stability in relation to the parent body occurs. ;-)
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    Some opinions

    Did somebody mention consoles? I've only ever played KSP on a PS4, so, I haven't even heard of most of the mods out there. Now that the game plays well on console, and is able to run without crashing, I do have a few suggestion for the stock console game. Scan Sat - KSP has a few scanners that can be challenging to employ, game needs a few more stock awkward parts like a Hubble or James Webb telescope. Perhaps they can help with biome identification or anomaly search. Hawking Gravity scanner could help with transfer window planning. Time warp - is needed while doing long burns, and perhaps other times as well. Alarm clock - of some kind is definitely needed. Transfer window planner -even if its just a rough guess, the console game needs something along these lines. Kerb-Net - needs more something... usefulness and or explanation. I'm frankly mystified by it. Console version needs access to a method of biomes identification and charting. Mech jeb.... - Some of the data already present on the map screen should be available while flying an improperly trimmed launch vehicle. Apoapsis and Periapsis for example. And some of the data on the zoomed in screen should be available in map mode, like how long until a stage burns out for example. I don't want an auto pilot, just access to more of the flight information without having to jump between screens. I'd love to build and fly more aircraft - so more parts like propellers, cock-pits, and wing shapes would be excellent. But I still need to buy a joystick or flight-yolk. At least a couple more runways are needed. It is just icky landing an SR-71 in the trees. Mun bases - more or some, permanent base fixtures like bio-domes, canteenas and recycling facilities. Same goes for space stations. need a reason to go there.. Some more capabilities from the skills department - in terms of Scientist abilities, they should be really good at finding anomilies and new biomes, and telling me about it. - for Engineers abilities, they should be able to do more in terms of swapping parts, strengthening station connections, fixing things. - Pilots seem to be well balanced, but I'd have guessed I'd be able to better predict where I'm going to land on Kerbin after a space trip. Love this game. Looking for New DLC or Expansion paks.
  14. The launch is too steep. You are hitting the ground at over the speed of sound. Flatten out the launch for a shallower entry, this will allow your pod to slow down, also adding a pair of radial mount drogue chutes that can deploy before the main will allow you to slow down further.
  15. My preference's in order of importance. 1. Battery banks (science lab must operate at capacity throughout the night) 2. Solar panels, you need these of course, but don't go overboard 3. Multiple docking ports ( at least 4 of them with room around them for docking ) 4. Data storage module once available 5. Small-ish Fuel tank for (measuring and loading fuel onto docked ships in a controlled manner). 6. Mono-prop storage, the station will rarely use mono-prop, and docked craft will only need to fuel up their RCS if they are planning on doing more docking. 7. Large Fuel storage tank, I typically leave my last booster stage and engine attached to my station. I try not to send any fuel back to Kerbin. 8. adding a good probe core can free-up a pilot for other things. 9. You really only need a couple regular Communication antennas, extra relay capacity can be added later on if you feel like you need it. 10. nicer crew quarter keep the Kerbals happy and productive longer.
  16. PS4 Enhanced Edition, 1.01, default controls, normal difficulty, career mode. I haven't messed around with any settings at all, I have only ever played Kerbal on my PS4 console. Lots of useful chatter going on here. I'm glad to see the KSP community and Dev's are still actively pursuing the Kerbal Space Program for Console. I'm thrilled that the EE 1.01 patch fixed so many of the problems that were plaguing the console version. I have now for my first time, completed the science tree in Career mode, Year 2 and 50-ish days. Was really expecting some sort of party, but research is never really finished. My first interplanetary sortie to Duna was a partial success. I was able to get there with two space probes, deploy some comm satellites, and attempt landings on both Duna, and Ike. Unfortunately I didn't install proper relay (any relay comms ) so, yeah. Partial success. Duna has a new crater with some litter around it, Ike has a lander that only occasionally wants to talk with Kerbal Space Command. My Probes currently enroute to Jool will no doubt have the same success rate... if I'm lucky. Right now my Kerbals and I are learning to spell the words efficient launch profile, and I have discovered a couple of different ways of how not to do interplanetary transfers. Also found out how to level Kerbals skills up, way, way, way late in the game. The Space Tourism market seems to be a reliable source of Income , so hopefully I'll eventually be able to land a fuel rover on Mun and Minmus for less cost than the Kerbal Space Hotel I'm currently assembling in orbit. I love this Game. Current gameplay concerns; -Physical Time warp, sounds like the nuke and Ion engine crowd want this. I've only been using chemical rockets so it haven’t bothered me... yet. -Since I started playing early on in the console release phase, I do not like the new throttle arrangement, because it's backwards to how I learned. Console controller is very busy and could use some work eliminating overlapping command button combinations. -Something needs to be sorted out with the trim setting being so easy to accidentally turn on, HAL keeps trying to crash my spacecraft. I suppose somebody might want to set the trim while making a burn in space, But I sure haven't wanted to. -Kerb-net remains a complete mystery to me. I haven't even accidentally landed on an anomaly yet. If I turn it on, I need to escape back to the space centre to get it off the UI. -Kerbal skills and abilities, I have landed bases on Mun and Minmus, I have Space Stations orbiting Kerbin, Mun, and Minmus, and I'm building a 40 room space hotel, I have docked , clamped, landed, recovered, rendezvoused, transferred, rescued, space walked, Mun walked, drilled and refined... while the pilots have gained useful skills, and the scientists have gotten faster, the engineers have only learned how to pack a chute or to fix a flat tire. -Seriously, the contracts need a proof reader. Please. For real. -The Admin building... just... why? I guess it might add something to the game, I just don't know what it is. Haven't used it at all, until recently I didn't bother opening the screen. I'm done the tech tree now so I guess I'll sell some science... -Interplanetary travel, Console Career players need some sort of alarm clock. and some sort of rough transfer planner. Unless I'm suppose to attempt all my interplanetary stuff in sandbox mode, the game needs some sort of alarm clock. - Haven't touched an asteroid and I don't want to.... yet. -VAB I haven't made any use of the advanced tabs, subassembly seems to be a mysterious method of telling me I can't attach things I might want to save. -I hear that console players can use a keyboard and mouse, haven't tried. If this is true, great, if it's not the game should have this option. -Flight controls for planes, I've read that there is an option for using a joystick, this is a must have for flying aircraft. I haven't tried yet. I like the idea of building and flying my own planes, and I have built and flown a few planes in KSP, but I mostly avoid it because I personally don't enjoy atmospheric flight with a controller and I abhor flying with a mouse. My suggestions for the console version, -Kerbal Alarm clock, add this function to the admin building ( even as a paid level unlock )..."Admin wants a mission to Duna, the transfer window is in three weeks." this will give console players an in game transfer planning resource that is sorely needed. Same for an interplanetary course correction Alarm clock, " Admin wants you to know your TPS reports are out of date, and Duna 1 is due for a course correction..". Or alarm reminder "That Duna 1 probe should be hitting the atmosphere by now, did you turn it on yesterday like we planned?" -Kerb-net, turn on this power hungry application and anomalies will show up if and when they do, also acts as a science reminder, "we're over Mun pole, should probably take a picture or something..", "Admin wants to know what this anomaly is on the front page of the newspaper", have Kerb-net show console players the Biomes and the places they haven't explored. -Kerbal skills, seriously. Engineers need to be able to scavenge parts from one craft to another, that's kinda how engineers become engineers in the first place. Science guys should be able to find/identify biomes and anomalies in the game. Pilots should be able to make a guess as to where they will land on a given trajectory, I'm talking about trying to land a pod at KSP. By level 3 these skills should be completely possible. -Contracts. Really really need to more clear. I can't stress this enough, they need some proof reading. If I'm continually missing a specific biome or science objective, you could offer a contract and show me what it is I'm missing. Same with Historical records and milestones. Also, If I have a Space Hotel, don't ask me to build another, ask me to fill it. As I suggested, Flight Joystick is something I'm missing in this game. I offer these suggested changes to the console game, mainly because it's a console game, not a computer game that has a readily accessible google tab I can refer to. I can and do play this console game without Kerb-net, um, without internet connection. That's all I have for now, I'm sure most of the problems I'm having are mostly because of me. I just wanted to add my input thus far as a console gamer. I'm looking forwards to any expansion or DLC for this Fantastic game!!! Cheers all!
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    Any veteran tips for the docking inept?

    If you aren't confused yet, here's my 2cents. If you are already able to get within a couple hundred meters, you are more that halfway there. If you arent purposely moving towards or away from the desired dock, the drift will become apparent. 1. Once you are close, like 500m or less, slow your approach 2. When you are within 100 - 200m slow more to under 5m/sec 3. Switch camera view to "locked" and make sure that the top of your ship is "up" 4. Select the port you want to dock with and 'eyeball' your alignment and drift correction 5. then either fly the Nav Ball into dock, or do it visually. It one of the hardest things to do in KSP good luck. Cheers! Edit = I think that the docking port magnet repelling thing had something to do with a MOD, but I don't know for sure, it was discussed in the forum before this.
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    Search is Broken?

    I too haven't found the forum search function to be of much utility.
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    Future of Console?

    I'm playing KSP on a PS4, I love playing KSP Enhanced Edition! I haven't heard anything about trying to get console KSP to the same level as the PC version, but really the PC versions will always be more capable, and have MOD's that console will just not have. I am looking forward to any and all DLC or Expansion that might come to Console. Cheers fellow Console Kerbal !
  20. I bought KSP for my PS4 soon after it became available, learned the basics of design and launch systems, manoeuvre nodes and docking procedures came next. Valentina was the first Kerbal to Orbit, ( original release ) and she still flies with the Enhanced space program, her last long-term assignment was as Commander of Minmus Orbital Station. When Enhanced Edition came along and it's first patch got to my machine, ( February ) the PS4 console version was finally able to run Career mode successfully. So three months real time to complete the tech tree in Career Mode, normal difficulty. -But keep in mind I was already proficient at many Kerbal skills by this point.- Two Years and 50- ish days in Kerbal time. I'm not sure how to check game time for hours played on a PS4, but I did waste some time and resources a couple of times when I built and launched some ridiculous creations thinking I was in sandbox mode. I really liked most of the progression, but because I had played some already I was able to side-step some of the problematic contracts. Testing various components at such and such a speed at certain altitudes, and specific science measurements at certain places at certain altitudes. I just ignored those contracts almost completely. Game developers need to have a real look at the workload and controller manipulations required to perform some of these tasks on time. Could easily just be me and my own clumsiness, but learning to fly sub-par space-craft as well as perform some of the more dexterity intensive monkey paw manipulations were at times their own mini-game. I also didn't spend much time building aircraft, It's a very neat design and build system, but I'm not much of a fan of flying with a controller. I have built many different aircraft in other saves, just isn't necessary in career mode. I did almost as many rescue missions as they could offer, so I didn't need to recruit any Kerbals, but I am low on Scientists. I would have liked to see some more space station oriented missions. Returning a sample of Mun and Minmus to the Kerbin Space Station Lab is something every KSP player should do. I massively overbuilt almost everything. A few advanced contracts with a limit for total launch weight, or total orbital vehicle mass might have been neat. Docking is tough to learn, the tutorials for console players should be more descriptive, and specific. I learned by watching Scott Manley videos. I've really enjoyed this game, I'd like to see it become more accessible to others without making it easy. KSP for PS4 is a great game exactly as it is right now, difficult to learn, but great.
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    Check out Scott Manley on youtube. He has posted many Kerbal training videos.
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    Docking Help / DOCKING ? HELP !!!

    If you are circling the target, you've just figured out what moths feel like. This is called homing. And it is frustrating. The first real world attempts at Rendezvous/docking did exactly this. You want to Zero your speed when you're a couple hundred meters away. when you are getting close, make sure you are in Target mode on the Nav Ball On the Nav Ball the pink markers indicate the target motion (targets track relative to yours.). The pink circle is towards (pro-grade) the target, the pink cross-hair is away (retrograde) from the target. Also on the Nav Ball are the yellow Pro-grade and retro grade markers that indicate normal flight. In target mode they will indicate motion towards or away from the target. To come to a complete stop with a rocket motor, orientate your ship on the pink cross-hair, and give a little thrust.. you are hoping to see the normal yellow pro-grade marker move towards the pink cross-hair. The goal is to centre the yellow movement marker on the pink cross-hair, you will need to adjust the ship so that you drag the yellow marker onto the pink., also watch your speed the whole time. At this point you will need to select a docking port as the target, and use the mono-prop thrusters to dock. Let us know how it goes. Cheers!!
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    Got Disillusioned but now I'm playing again, sort of.

    I found out about the relay comms on Duna. Welcome back to the boards, don't let the haters keep you down. Readers want to know; will the senate will be disbanded? will the financial blockade be broken? will Empress Valentina confront her evil twin? and finally, is the professor working for dark forces or did he actually leave the note book out where he knew Valentina would find it?
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    KSP Future DLC Ideas

    PS4 Console version plays awesome! I'd like a couple of small things to play better controller wise, but this Enhanced Edition version 1.01 is functional, stable, and great fun. I very much doubt that the selection available for the console crowd will ever be able to compete with all of the MODS the PC community has created. If there is any future for consoles, then there will be a market for the new and improved Kerbal Space Program.