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  1. The description of Lua suggests that I can unlock a launch site on the moon for a large amount of funds. How does this work? I'm in science mode, so I'm not sure how to purchase it, or if that is necessary? Do I need to discover the launch site first?
  2. I am using the latest version for 1.8, and apparently a bug with orbital kits was fixed, but i am still unable to construct them using the workshop. I have the orbital workshop staffed with engineers and MaterialKits, in orbit near a dockable kit container that has been deployed, but the workshop's menu is still blank. What should I send you so that this can be fixed?
  3. All my assembly parts start opened by default, with no way to close them, meaning I can't actually build anything in them. How do I fix that?
  4. Are there any halfway decent visual packs that are actually compatible with KSS? So far I've found not a single one that doesn't turn all the atmospheres black.
  5. Is 1.2.2 still supported? I can't find the download anywhere.
  6. Just the default KSS_0.6.1_BASIC, no optionals or expansions. I'm using no other mods, I'll try installing them after I get this working on its own. I've waited at least 3 minutes, but KSP stops responding. I'll just wait and see what happens if I give it longer, I suppose.
  7. I'm using the 1.2.2 version through steam beta. I've got 8G ram, and when exactly does the cache writing happen? the first loading screen? How do I tell the difference between freezing and a very long loading process?
  8. I've been trying to install this thing for hours, and no matter what version of kopernicus I use, no matter what version of KSP or module manager, It just won't work. Sometimes it freezes at the loading screen, with 99 modules loaded, sometimes it breaks down when I start a new game. Can someone please give me a complete list of download links that are confirmed to work, or a complete GameData folder, so I don't have to keep failing?
  9. Yeah, I have MM 2.7.5 since it's bundled with KIS. Also, I looked around and found that the part.cfg for the mallet and survey stake has TechRequired = unresearchable category = none. That was the way they downloaded, but I changed to advConstruction and Utility, and they still didn't show up. They aren't in any editor categories, and when I search 'survey' all I get is the survey station.
  10. Yeah, the configs are right. I just did a clean install with nothing else except the latest KIS, and the survey stakes and mallet still don't exist. Has nothing like this ever happened before?
  11. I am using both KIS and KAS. As well as some USI mods, KAS, KIS and Community Tech Tree.
  12. I've been having fun with some USI packs, but is there some sort of incompatibility which makes the survey stakes and mallet inaccessible? I can't find them in the tech tree or even in sandbox mode, though the EL modules don't seem to work without designating a launch site. Is there something else I'm doing wrong?