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  1. Ahh ok, thanks everyone, I do have KK installed and I'm already on a career game that i don't plan to part with soon so for now I'll take ksc switcher back out and reload the game. Luckily I'd not load my save before i saw that kk and switcher aren't friends.
  2. I could have sworn i read that KSC switcher had issues with a mod/mods i use which might explain why I'm currently not using it. I'll look into it and see what i can do. Thanks for reminding me about the bundled KSC switcher.
  3. Hi GPP community, I'm currently playing KSP 1.2.2 with GPP 1.2.2 as not all the mods i use are updated yet, anyways I was wondering if there are mods out there compatible with GPP which adds additional launch sites, I only need to have like two or three extra ones for my "inside my head roleplay" career game. I know some mods do add more sites but these are for Kerbin and not my sweet Gael Thanks for reading. RootTech Industries.
  4. Hi Team GPP & community, i have tried searching various word terms but not found anything as of yet but i was wondering if there were any external transfer window planner for the bodies in GPP. I believe there is a mod but this does not calculate correctly according to a post i read in this thread about the transfer window planner. i used to use a web page but now im not using the stock solar system, i was seeing if anyone has made one for GPP or how i might go about in finding accurate transfer windows for GPP?
  5. Hi All, After a break from KSP for a few months, i returned to pick up my 1.2.2 save with GPP and all mods that basically Scott Manley uses in his most recent kerbal series. i found that a lot of mods had updated including GPP so i downloaded all mods to update and when i loaded a new game i had a 0 FPS rate with weird graphical glitches at the KSC so i reinstalled KSP fresh and re did the download using all the previous versions saved on my PC (FYI my log said something about an error and literately all it had was FFFFFFFFFFF#). To update GPP, do i simply follow the install method listed on page one again? the hot fix file on page 1 and should i download the hot fix file one page 1? i have also read somewhere that there could be an issue with research bodies and GPP, something to do with either contracts configuration mod or custom barn kit, does GPP rely on one of these two mods and if yes, must they be updated to the newer version. Sorry for all the questions, i just want to know how i can possibly void my FPS of death issue when i get home from work and reattempt at updating GPP
  6. Hi Icedown, thanks, i thought it came with the processor but i guess it only comes with the processing mount, i should have read the description properly before placing it in a 1.6 million M orbit, i guess an EVA is in order i shall re attempt this at home. thanks again for a quick reply.
  7. Hi, i am new to the cacteye mod but found i have an issue whereby i launched the fungeye scope and right clicked to open the cover and then open the GUI but the GUI is empty, i cannot do anything with the scope, I'm running KSP 1.2.2 with the newest version of cacteye running the Galileo planet pack, basically i am running the same mods as Scott Manley in his latest videos and he too had the same issue whereby the GUI is black but the log shows no errors? has anyone else experienced this?