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  1. sorry for asking but i kinda dont see the merit of LH2 in stock. its just way too less dense for any reasonable use,even considering the impressive isp of nuke engines...as the density for LF is way more superior , i kinda end up using stock parts only. I consider volume as much as mass considering aerodynamics. any help here? pretty please? i just dont know how to use these LH2 fuels and engines in a reasonable way...some pointers will be really helpful
  2. maybe i was considering the points as little cuz i was trying out with the ctt& kspi those mods do require quite some serious amounts of points after the middle point of the game! anyway thanks for the fast& kind reply!
  3. first of all i would like to point out that your work is awesome! one problem though, the science given by these experiments are just way too low considering its efforts it takes quite some effort hauling a giant module to the mun you see. but it only gives like a few hundred sci points for basic experiments on muns orbit id say multiplying its value about 3-4 times is not balance breaking but rewarding enough to unlock a few sci nodes at that point of progression this could be easily done by just editing the Experiments .cfg file how about an update regarding this?
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