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  1. Thank you for the help! (Also CKAN stopped working for me years ago :P)
  2. Hey linux, just updated clickthrough, toolbar, and fshangerextender. For some reason, the fshanger button does not show up. Are there any conflicts going on or am I missing something? Edit: I am using 1.6.1 Toolbar because I cannot run on version 1.7.1 of ksp on my modded install. For some reason a part in the base game never loads as a result. I cannot tell if Toolbar for 1.7.1 would work and previous versions of all mods in 1.6 still work fine.
  3. I have begun unofficially updating the mod, but I don't want to guarantee anything yet. In the mean time, the mod still works and with new updates, I've figured out how to switch textures, add tweakscale, and switch the old system out for HullBreach (still a WIP).
  4. The new bomb textures look great, but the low health points mean a stray bullet can snipe them out of existence on an attack aircraft. The guns also have amazing sounds to them. Keep up the good work!
  5. I was wonder how I could go about buffing machine guns? Currently all of the addon weapons, even the .50cal browning included in BDAc, seems to have the fire power of a needle gun. I have no plans for redistribution, just really bummed how poor they're performing right now...
  6. When can we expect the next update? I really want to get the torpedoes up and running again. In the meantime, guess I gotta make ships to absorb them
  7. Something to note really quickly: NAS and all of its weapons won't show up on the latest release of BDAc, despite having a dedicated tab. The weapons still work, but they refuse to show up as a part in the editor.
  8. Heyo heres a tutorial on ww2warships cause almost everything else I found was outdated or overcomplicated.
  9. Umm you may want to check the HVARs. Whenever I launch one, it slowly moves forwards, then jumps straight into the sky at warp speed.
  10. L-30 tank, with working wheel/tank tread configuration!






  11. The 8in Triple turret's off-centered. In other words, the turret swings out instead of normally traversing. I know this is a small detail, but could you please fix it in the next update?
  12. For some reason, ALL the parts go funny at a random point in the spacehanger. I did test other parts (like the beam on the side of the screenshot) to see if it was an issue with the parts or the mod as a whole, and I can confirm that every part in the game suffers the same fate.
  13. For the wing-mounted landing gear on the B-29, do you think there could be an option to keep the wheels exposed when pulled up?