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  1. updated ksp, parts now appear in sph, i should read instructions more carefully, thanks for your time
  2. I have a bug on 3.0.1 where no parts load ] ksp log file link EDIT: wait, is it only for 1.7.1
  3. i guess i'll give some info ksp 1.6.1 gamedata i installed IR next released version and not from the link from this thread\ ksp log my crafts had robotic parts and an IR controller part
  4. The sequencer button doesn't appear anywhere, what info do I need to provide for support?
  5. It would be cool to have it toggleable. Would be useful for a lot of stuff
  6. Can robotic parts clip inside other parts in-flight?
  7. Okay this is awesome , but please release more info
  8. Hello , congrats on the release! Any plans to remake ISRUs?
  9. Please, consider remastering engines especially poodle