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  1. F-1 engine is already represented by KE-1 mastodon from making history DLC. F-1B (Mammoth-II) was considered for SLS and Mammoth engine (Four vectors) is the SLS engine
  2. Name it Jack the LANTR and have a pumpkin hidden on it somewhere
  3. can you lower your cool threshhold so we could potentially see more development stuff?
  4. Is it possible to get the original video file? Youtube compression ruins it quite a lot
  5. I have tried installing it in 1.11 and even though i got the incompatibility error the mod works fine, however you get a random srb plume if you start building crafts with an SRB. I like to think that the kerbals just had an accdient while producing solid fuel
  6. mr nate sir this is cool and all but what about showing off really cool stuff like u know multiplayer????
  7. It's described in this Dev Diary https://www.kerbalspaceprogram.com/dev-diaries/developer-insights-4-ksp2-engineering/
  8. t This region of Dres has the most interesting terrain of all ksp 2 planets we've seen so far
  9. Finally the legendary modder makes a planet mod
  10. My favourite screenshots of surface features in the Breaking Ground DLC and my Jool landing. The monolith on the surface of sun was quite unexpected
  11. I'm just jealous , who wouldn't want a lesson from Scott Manley in person? I guess I should start making KSP 3 to have a chance
  12. I just wanted to know if there will be jet planes and are there any changes to aerodynamics I'm referring to UI we've seen in dev story trailer, a lot of people were wondering if you could drag around widgets (like navball, timewarp, SAS/RCS buttons etc)
  13. I just watched scott's stream recording and i'm writing out everything they didn't ask or would make sense to know more about IS LANDING GEAR FIXED??? Any more info about multiplayer? Binary planets, what is their solution to make it work with patched conics? Underwater Exploration , what can you find? Can you collide with rocks in rings? Any info about life support? Any info on jet engines and airplanes? Action replay? Any info about robotics? What happened to dres? They mentioned they made it interesting What can we expect from part damage? Will there be any structures / cities on Kerbin? Career/Science mode? The guys mentioned a crawler for rockets , how will that work? Can UI be customized? Would it be possible to make automated ships delivering resources from many colonies to one spot?
  14. I love this mod, awesome job team!
  15. updated ksp, parts now appear in sph, i should read instructions more carefully, thanks for your time
  16. I have a bug on 3.0.1 where no parts load ] ksp log file link EDIT: wait, is it only for 1.7.1
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