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  1. Hey guys, So... I captured my first asteroid using the grabber and I pushed it into a Kerbin orbit... I left it on it's journey to Kerbin with an alarm set and went off to other missions... I went to check on it days later and now the front half of the ship is inside the asteroid! If I release the grabbers then the whole ship blows up, If I EVA a Kerbal I can fly them around inside the asteroid but they can't get out of it, nor can they get back into cockpit. I reloaded save file so the are back in cockpit now... I've never lost a Kerbal and I'll be damned if I'm gonna lose one now! lol... Is there a way to edit the save file so the vessel is back attached to the outside surface of the asteroid, or floating near it?... pics below showing attachment and heading back to Kerbin, and pics showing what I found days later when I checked up on it...(The last pic is simply moving the camera inside the asteroid allowing me to see the front of ship and I could EVA a kerbal and fly him around within his prison of space rock and metal
  2. Thanks man... yeah I turned turned the brightness up in Distant Objects settings box... Nice to see the stars. I posted the question about the 2d blocky clouds to an SVE thread with the pics, will see if anyone has any advice! I haven't been to Duna yet at all... I've been getting quite extensive with bases and mining operations on Mun, I'm savoring every exploration and holding off on Duna for a bit as I want to learn all the life support mods first and treat it like a real life mission to mars (obviously a wee bit easier in KSP than in real life, lol)... but yeah, if I have good atmospheric graphics then arriving and landing on Duna for the first time will be breath taking. Of course not too far down the track I'd love to start looking into the real scale solar system mods and other realism mods and see how difficult we can make it... love challenges And I'll check out Stock Visual Terrain mod... thanks again
  3. Hey guys.... LOVE THIS GAME! I was playing a while with terrible atmosphere graphics and was so hooked on building and flying missions that I only just got around to improving it. The first pic is the blocky 2d clouds I had before. I uninstalled the mods and searched for latest and installed them... It's a huge difference and i am really happy... but there is still a layer of clouds that is blocky with sharp edges and its just a 2d layer mixed in with the 3d volumetric clouds.... does anyone have advice on how i might be able to eliminate this 2d cloud layer? The mods i just put on are: SVE.All-In-One.v1.1.6 PlanetShine- DistantObject_1.8.1 Astroniki_Sunflare_for_Scatterer-1.2 TextureReplacer Any help would be greatly appreciated! Cheers
  4. I uninstalled then searched for latest ones I could find: SVE.All-In-One.v1.1.6 PlanetShine- DistantObject_1.8.1 Astroniki_Sunflare_for_Scatterer-1.2 TextureReplacer I got a HUUUUUGE improvement! Very happy!!!... As you can see by the picture though there is still a layer that is blocky and sharp edges, it's pretty much a 2d layer too.... all the rest is 3d volumetric and breathtaking to fly through on way to orbit. I will try and find out which mod is adding that and see if I can get rid of it. (you say yours looked like the pic above with just EVE alone so that's where I'll start) Thanks for you help!.... super Awesome
  5. Cheers for the reply man Ok, so I found if I give a URL then it displays the screenshot... so here is an example of what I am getting... It also looks terrible flying up through the atmosphere as well... I have seen plenty of videos on youtube of people with the same mods installed and it looks amazing!... breathtaking! I will try and uninstall and re-install (I usually use ckan unless a mod isn't showing in there and then i do it manually)
  6. Hey guys, I am trying to get the atmosphere on Kerbin looking good but I am getting blocky clouds with sharp edges and bugger all atmosphere glow from orbit... I have EnvironmentalVisualEnhancements, Scatterer and TextureReplacer installed. I am wondering if there are settings that can be adjusted for these mods or is it possibly limitations of my Graphics card? I have a GTX 960 with 2GB ram on it (my system has 24gig ram). I am trying to attach a screen shot but I can't see a button anywhere to attach a pic (only a url link) Any help would be greatly appreciated
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