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  1. You just made my day! Great to hear that!! Will do, but might not be for a few months (aka stupid work and travel gah!).
  2. @linuxgurugamer thanks for forking STE! I just updated all of my links to this on the RSMMM forum page & infos on Github/Spacedock/CurseForge etc. Also, thanks for linking to RSMMM in the OP! Let me know if I can be of help on anything in the future. Cheers, RS
  3. If you have STE, you might want to update to STEF (Forked) recently put out by linuxgurugamer which fixes some issues STE had (as mentioned on the OP for this thread and STEF here: FYI - I am in the process of updating my downloads as well right now....no changes to my v3.0 mod, just text and link updates to Forked (for Github/Spacedock/CurseForge) so peeps dnld the latest dependency (STEF instead of STE) going forward.
  4. Yes, Soundtrack Editor (STE) does a little bit on the ram, but fortunately all of the music files for this mod and STE are outside of the GameData folder so they all don't all get loaded at game startup which would eat up a lot of ram for large playlists (used to be the case on much older versions of STE). So what happens is if you load into a scene (say the VAB for example), it will load the music tracks into memory 1 at a time (if you have a large playlist or very long songs this will impact your ram usage more as songs get loaded and play). If you are close to max on your ram usage,
  5. Cool....please know your work is appreciated! Thanks again for patching it up, especially the vesselState changing to vesselSituation issue.
  6. Yeah, I had placed pizza's .dll in a backup folder in the same folder path, that was the issue. Your files works as intended, you are good to go! Tnx again man, great work. If you take up pizza's stuff, I can help test between work crap. Cheers.
  7. Ok, @linuxgurugamer, I was able to test your fixed files and I have good news and bad news.... The Good: Your fix does indeed address the issue with 'vesselState' changing to 'vesselSituation' when you save changes via the in game editor so that is good...the playlist will no longer need to be kept as a read only file in ....\Kerbal Space Program\Playlists. The Bad: When I spin up KSP, the Soundtrack Editor instance now loads twice so you get double the music on the main load screen, the KSC, VAB, etc. Note: I am still on v1.6.1 as that is the last version I was playing and h
  8. Sorry, a bit behind on testing this, will do tonight or tomorrow as I have the day off of work. Yeehaw.
  9. Awesome! Thanks @linuxgurugamer. I am out of town on biz until Wed, but will test this week and confirm when I get back unless someone beats me to it. You rock man!
  10. Sorry, I have not...been on other gaming adventures lately. I would hope pizza's mod still works. If it does, this add on should work as well. If anyone can confirm, that would be golden. Thanks.
  11. Not for me, but if you have a bunch of stuff playing (playlists with many songs) it can suck up your ram until you change situations/new track list loads. Or if you have lots of mods, maybe you are at the top of your ram capabilities and a long playlist on Soundtrack Editor pushes it over and you get a performance hit. My best 2 guesses. Good luck!
  12. Thank you, really appreciate the feedback! Yeah, there are a few new songs in there like People are Spinning that I really dig. Makes me feel like I'm in space looking out a window and just letting my mind wander (which usually leads me back to the VAB haha). Again, thank you! Have a good one. Cheers, RS
  13. As of 6/7/19, RSMMM is now also hosted on: CurseForge OP updated. Happy Kerbaling! RS
  14. Hey @captainb, Yes, there were 2 that were removed from the game load screen playlists. The actual music tracks are contained/encrypted somewhere within KSP_x64_Data/Resources by Squad IIRC so I can't get those for you, but in looking @ Soundtrack Editor's original playlist, the two files I believe you are looking for are named 'KSP_MenuAmbience' and 'KSP_MainTheme' Go into the playlist (remove the 'Read Only' from the files Properties first so you can edit) and add them to 'Menu Ambience' and 'Menu theme' as noted in bold below... This should allow those 2 to play as per van
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