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  1. Thank you, really appreciate the feedback! Yeah, there are a few new songs in there like People are Spinning that I really dig. Makes me feel like I'm in space looking out a window and just letting my mind wander (which usually leads me back to the VAB haha). Again, thank you! Have a good one. Cheers, RS
  2. As of 6/7/19, RSMMM is now also hosted on: CurseForge OP updated. Happy Kerbaling! RS
  3. Hey @captainb, Yes, there were 2 that were removed from the game load screen playlists. The actual music tracks are contained/encrypted somewhere within KSP_x64_Data/Resources by Squad IIRC so I can't get those for you, but in looking @ Soundtrack Editor's original playlist, the two files I believe you are looking for are named 'KSP_MenuAmbience' and 'KSP_MainTheme' Go into the playlist (remove the 'Read Only' from the files Properties first so you can edit) and add them to 'Menu Ambience' and 'Menu theme' as noted in bold below... This should allow those 2 to play as per vanilla KSP. Please let me know if it resolved your concern! Thanks! RS
  4. RSMMM updated to v3.0! Yay! Finally done perusing for new music and tweaking configs. Think I found some you guys will like. Enjoy... v3.0 (2019-6-4) New: 43 Music (various artists), 8 Ambient tracks Simplified installation instructions Normalized several music tracks (old and new) Realigned some of the playlists No more airplanes, etc. during launches/takeoffs Less duplication of music tracks between buildings Removed the super annoying 'Construction02' from the VAB/SPH All feedback welcome! Thanks, RS
  5. Nice view! You need to bring a couch out there for your next visit.
  6. 2-wheeled hover bike prototype (notice the Oscar-B fuel tank)... After a 'minor' crash, no more Oscar-B..but with the parachute deployed I could still power up and gain altitude. Wee!...I have discovered free energy. Then again, Glitch Kerman was the pilot. Just one more for beauty's sake. RA-2 ship motoring around Jool. Happy weekend!
  7. No worries. I checked your playlist again and it looks fine. But, just to double check... when you say the Map, you are talking about the one from Space or Flight, not the one from the Tracking Station, right? I'm dense sometimes. Also, one last thing to try for process of elimination if you want (I just did on a 1.7 vanilla install and map worked fine there)...use the original playlists.cfg file and music from Soundtrack Editor to see if it works. If it does, then something else is messing it up. Good luck!
  8. RSMMM v3.0 coming soon... More ambient tracks More music (approx 40 new tracks, not Kevin MacLeod but just as stockalike) Removed the super annoying 'Construction02' track from the VAB (based on feedback received) Normalization of some of the louder tracks Simplified install Maybe even a secret track if I can get it to work right --> If anyone has last minute feedback, please let me know as soon as you can. Hoping to release end of this week or weekend. Cheers, RS Thanks @MagicCuboid, really appreciate the feedback! I've been scouring free music sites in the hope of finding more 'Kevinesque' tracks and I'm almost done. Sneak peak of one of my new favorite 'Space' tracks: If there are any tracks that you find out of place (or annoying), let me know and I'll see what I can do. Thanks again, v3.0 is almost done...just doing final tweaks and QA.
  9. Post your playlist.cfg file and I'll take a look (should be in your ...\"Kerbal Space Program"\Playlists folder).
  10. Flying to the N. Pole for some science,... was enjoying the aurora and the bio-luminescent stuff...
  11. @Drakenex...that ship is amazing. I love the reflections, great texture man!
  12. You are so creative man, great stuff! I put creepy clown music to that last night. The stuff of nightmares. Also, made me think of squashing Ewoks for some reason.
  13. Last night we landed a probe on Vall, an icy planet with a thin layer of ice clouds... Just above the new and wispy 10k cloud layer (after several attempts in EVE, I think I got the look I want)... Just a little hazy, should be a nice 140 Kelvin (-210F) at the equator today... 'I can hold it. Gimme more room to run' (aka Porkins I Probe coming in a little too fast). Yeah, I had to re-do the landing... Crap, looks like traffic on the Jool interplanetary causeway again... In case anyone was Porkins were harmed during this documentary. RIP Red 6 TGIF...hope you all have a great day!