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  1. Wragie - from my 1.3 install Planetshine is/was completely incompatible - to the extent that it would freeze the game at the load screen. I actually removed it completely, and would suggest you do the same. As far as the solar panel issue, I wish I could help. I've not experienced that problem before, but I suspect you are on the right track (in that it is a mod causing the problems). As I suggested, try uninstalling Planetshine and see if that helps. I know PS should have no effect on the solar panels, but perhaps your problem is a residual from PS being installed. After that you can either try adding mods one at a time to a vanilla install, or subtracting them one at a time from your current install until you find the culprit. That would be my suggestion anyhow... ZD
  2. Based on a similar problem I had, PlanetShine was causing my 1.3 install to crash. I don't think it's compatible. ZD
  3. KIS works fine with my (non-Steam) KSP 1.3, so you shouldn't be having problems there. I'm not an expert with output logs, so I'm not much help there either, sorry. My only suggestion (and you probably don't want to hear it) would be to start with a vanilla install, add a few mods at a time, and repeat until you get the crash you're experiencing now. Then you've narrowed it down to one of a few mods and can figure it out from there. I had a similar problem when I upgraded to 1.3 as well. I have a few (55) mods installed, so the process was kind of time-consuming (and looks like it would be for you too). I think I added 3 mods at a time until I discovered it was Planetshine causing my crashes... ZD
  4. If you are playing in Science or Career mode, the MechJeb items don't show up right away - they need to be "purchased". If you are playing in Sandbox mode, the MechJeb box shows up under the 'command and control' (I think) tab. If it's not there, try checking your anti-virus and/or firewall. My AV every so often will delete a .dll that doesn't cause the KSP load to fail, but whatever mod had the .dll deleted stops working... ZD
  5. I'm not blaming Scatterer, but it does have some issues with KSP 1.3. Most of the time people have issues with surface tiles floating upwards into space, but yours may be similar. Try disabling the ocean shaders on the initial menu and see if that solves the problem. ZD
  6. I had (if not the same) a similar problem. I would also conclude that the problem is an add-on. In my case it was Planetshine. I solved the problem by (and this takes a while) making a vanilla (zero add-ons) install of KSP 1.3, making sure it ran (it did) and then adding add-ons a few at a time until I got to the point where the game failed on load again. (I think I was adding 3 add-ons at a time - when it failed I could narrow the problem to 1 of 3.) Yes, it's time-consuming, especially for a heavily modded install but it solved my problem. ZD
  7. So what am I doing wrong here? Here are my uv map and normal map: http://i.imgur.com/nUakwxY.jpg (uv) http://i.imgur.com/4RamvGF.jpg (normal) Here is the normal map imported to Unity (note unchecked 'convert from grayscale'): http://i.imgur.com/r78sgYN.jpg Here are the 2 assigned to the box in Unity, the second as a Bump Map (my only choice in any of the KSP bumped categories): http://i.imgur.com/kyM3MBz.jpg And finally, the resulting box immediately before exporting. No surface variations whatsoever. http://i.imgur.com/VXu4gw3.jpg I've tried making normal maps in both Photoshop and Gimp, I've used both Blender and Wings3D to do the modeling, I'm using Unity v5.4.5, and I'm using the "PartTools_AssestBundles" found somewhere on these boards. I admit it, I'm out of ideas. ZD
  8. Thanks - makes it easy to see what you were doing. I'll give it a shot in a little bit. While I could make grayscale heightmaps in Photoshop, most everything I've read said a normal map (bluish-purple) is the way to go. Sounds like there might be a reason for that. ZD
  9. Ok, that's the first I've heard of a different format for a normal map. Does anyone else have any information on this? I ran out of time last evening and wasn't able to work in Unity to see if there were options there. ZD
  10. It's a start, thanks. I'll see if I can work on it in a little bit. ZD
  11. Ok, I've been putzing around and made a few parts with just a painted texture and gotten them to work (mostly). Now I'd like to be able to do some normal mapping and add it to the diffuse (or other) "painting" on a part. I've searched high and low, read numerous posts, watched numerous videos, but none seem to show how to actually combine the two. I've figured out how to actually create the normal map (through the NVIDIA tools in Photoshop) and can add the normal map to a part I create (using Blender), but it results in just a part that has no colors, just a textured surface. I can also get the "painted" surface all the way into the game itself, but it's just painted with no texture. I've read/seen somewhere that two parts are needed - the one on which you intend to have the diffuse (or other) "painting", and a low-poly copy on which you create the normal map. Is this correct? And if it is, how do you UV map them both from the same scene in Blender? I've created an object (a cube), duplicated it in-scene and tried separately UV unwrapping them both only to have Blender put both UVs on the same .png file no matter what I try to prevent it. I've even tried making two UV maps (one regular, one the 'normal' map) of the same object but cannot figure out how (in Blender again) to assign both UV maps to the same object. Or do you need to create two separate UV maps in Blender (one that you would paint as usual and the other a normal-mapped copy) and then somehow combine them in Unity? Or is it something completely different (and knowing my tendency to over-complicate things, probably much simpler)? I would appreciate any help you can offer - even just pointing me to a good video or post is acceptable. Thanks in advance for your help! ZD
  12. You would think so, but I've had it happen in EVE a lot. My AV removes a .dll from within a sub-directory without me noticing, and even though I get the menu on startup, the program produces no effects. I've never had it happen w/Scatterer, but based on history... ZD
  13. Check your virus scanner. I've had mine remove a .dll or 7 on me while I wasn't looking. ZD
  14. Odd. They must have changed the location of output_log.txt since the above was published. It's not there anymore - but after a search I found it in another KSP subdirectory. Should have done that to begin with. Here's the link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ix6h351opo2xksl/output_log.txt?dl=0 ZD
  15. Could someone please tell me what installer/operator error I've committed here? I've searched through this thread and can't seem to figure it out for myself. Here are some images showing my install of EVE (no configs), the install of SVE and Scatterer, and the contents of the SVE folder showing the textures in place. http://imgur.com/oSdGKtg, http://imgur.com/gFz3PHn, http://imgur.com/jxRVxeF. Here's the EVE screen at startup to show the settings there: http://imgur.com/0VRWrXb And here's the result of all that - no clouds, no lights, no...? http://imgur.com/ADT0r4z I'd include the output log as requested, but I'm not sure where to find it. If you need it, point me towards it and I'll send it along as well. Thanks in advance, I'm sure I'll feel a little dumber than I already do when my obvious errors are pointed out... ZD