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  1. I'd +1 this. there isn't any way that I know of currently. As an enhancement if there's a way to rotate the assembled part just before finalising the build (even if it's just switching it between 6 different orientations) this would be massively useful.
  2. it broke my current install, I had the latest kopenicus already installed. <edit> re-installing kopernicus seems to have made a significant improvement
  3. After further trawling I found this patch that _may_ make a difference (with the latest Kopernicus) from here: https://github.com/Kopernicus/Kopernicus/issues/365 @Kopernicus:AFTER[Kopernicus] { @Body:HAS[!Template[Jool],~name[Sun],!Ocean] { %Ocean { %maxQuadLengthPerFrame=0.03 } } } I'll test it shortly but I thought I'd post it here now.. edit, an update came out 6 days ago.. will try that first..
  4. I'm getting a similar issue, low frame rate when a planet is in view (low orbit) and terrible frame rates when landed but not when doing timewarp.. (except physics warp) I think I have scatters off but I'll have to check and I'll look at kopernicus /scatterer options.. if anyone else has suggestions/solutions I'd be very grateful! I have a decent (ish) rig and it seemed to fairly suddenly slow down as my save progressed. (around building my ike base)
  5. Hi, probably a dumb question, I'm playing science mode, how do I find bodies (without just flying past them, which I did with Ike) a few seem to have randomly populated themselves (jool, sarnus and another star system's barycenter). I have telescopes around eve and on their way to sarnus (OPM) but the Eve one doesn't spot gilly.. and I'm not 'getting' how to make this mod work..
  6. I've seen this wired force issue too, it was in the last version of EL. I seemed to have a force from the orbital build platform (s) on my station. If I have 2 mounted opposite each other this force bug didn't occur, but a single one seemed to produce net thrust.. dumping the build platform module off my station caused it to accelerate as long as it was in physics range.
  7. I'm seeing a similar issue with the shell not going away (and spawning in some odd places too when building on the ground) I found that when landing near my minmus base the shell would spawn near the lander when the base came into physics range, which looked very odd indeed floating at 2.5km above the ground. If there was an option in the build menu to toggle this feature on/off it would be rather handy... Thanks.
  8. I've got exactly the same issue, a decent timewarp results in dozens of messages that all need to be cleared. is there any way to just concatenate these to one per deployed experiment?
  9. wow, bumper update! thanks very much. My wife will be less pleased..
  10. It sorta works, but there is a compatibility issue if you use it with any KAS parts @ the latest version of KAS.. so you can use the orbital construction and surface launchpads, but not being able to use KAS will limit it's usefulness on surface bases.. Taniwha is working on it but we'll have to be patient for now..
  11. Best news this week, my work mates wondered what was going on when I stood up and said "Yes!" when I read your post. Kerbal has been on hold for about 2-3 weeks for me now, so I'm rather excited to hear you're onto it now. Cheers!
  12. Hi I was talking about speed rather than position but if it does that already then this is great.. The second thing was bout copying sequences so for example I could replicate a set of sequences from one side of a walker to the other and control the speed of each independently so effectively I could tank steer with a pair of analogue inputs, one for each side. <edit> Just noticed that you can copy/paste points, if this works between controllers then I think we have a solution..</ edit> does that make sense?
  13. is it possible to link a joystick axis to the speed, so that it could (for example) run forward/backward on a joystick axis (i.e walk forward/backward) It would also be cool to be able to duplicate controls so for example have 2x sequences one left side and 1 right side and either run them separately to allow tanks style steering. or even better mix 2 axis to control them.
  14. Thanks for the rapid and comprehensive reply Tonka Crash. I didn't want to pester anyone as I appreciate how this is all done in spare time for free etc. I was hoping there was some little thing I could help with, but it sounds like the core problems are understood. I'm at a slightly further stage in my savegame and I'm getting desperate for it to work now, I've actually paused playing.. I really like the rocketparts concept and for all it's faults/quirks I've loved it since I started using simple construction (around KSP v.1.2) I guess I'll have to work on my mobile analogue controller till its ready (sliders and thumbsticks in a mini box).
  15. Hi, I don't know if it's already known here, but there seems to be some inter-operability bug between KAS and Extraplanetary launchpads. Latest KAS is great btw, but using any KAS parts (either in the craft being built or on the building vessel) means that the most recent version of EL bugs out... I'm not blaming KAS, and EL hasn't yet been updated for 1.7.x yet, just wondering if something significant changed in KAS that we can feed into the bug reports..