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  1. I originally suspected the mod as I couldn’t recreate the issue without it installed. With it installed it always happened on a reasonably complex ship flying thru the cloud layer. Just to be clear it was not the mod just my crappy hardware :-) Beats me why the PSU was causing this. Since swapping the PSU and cabling it right it hasn’t happened again. Previously it was easy to recreate. Was a hunch based on the evidence, the machine would power cycle with no log, error or bsod. I’ve not seen a modern OS do that in years so the most logical thing was the power supply. It completely powered off for a few seconds then back on so different from a reboot. Could have been other things but the PSU is the easiest and cheapest thing to change so tried that first. At the points where it used to reset you now just get the standard short stutter. Since only the PSU changed - no windows update, no driver update, no KSP update or even mod update - the PSU must have been it. The original was a cheap no-name one. I couldn’t begin to tell you why only KSP caused this. It was driving me nuts for over a week.
  2. Seems it really was the PSU. Swapped the 2nd 8-pin from GPU2 to GPU3 and not only is there slightly less noise, I've not managed to re-create the crash even on my guaranteed reboot ship. Guess you need a far better PSU to deal with KSP style 'render-render-render-render-.......................................take out the trash..................................................................render-render-render' than the more consistent power loads required by other games and benchmarks. Will leave my posts here in case they're useful to anyone else - even if logic rules out hardware - it probably still is.
  3. I've no idea if this is even possible, but would it be possible to get a list of experiments that have already been 'completed' via collection or transmission, but can still be added to the mobile science lab?
  4. Yup - it is a weird one! I turned instant flush on and re-created the crash - happened about 30 seconds in to my second ship launch. Too big for pastebin but full log here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=19h7YwnuTRPDya9P0GawD7j51_EbUSgei Nothing untoward in the log I can see - it just seems to stop. Got to head off to work now but I'll strip out non-essential mods one by one and see if I can figure out what it is.
  5. Hi All Before I begin, I'm not asking for or expecting support from the devs due to the lack of logs for reasons that will become clear. Just asking if any other users have had and overcome the same issues I'm experiencing. Specs at the bottom of this post. When running SVE+SVT I've been experiencing reboots - something I didn't even think was still a thing on modern OSes and hardware. Not blue screens - not CTD - not graphics driver resets but reboots resulting in no windows core dumps - just a kernel power warning and unexpected reboot message. The crash is so quick KSP doesn't even log anything. It normally occurs somewhere within the cloud layer and is exacerbated by complex actions such as staging or messing with the camera. Temps on the GPU don't top 65 and the CPU hasn't topped 50 (C). I've replaced my PSU as they're only £120ish for a good one but no effect. Memtest runs fine as does Windows memory diagnostics. Prime95 ran for over an hour with the only impact being a minor increase in my electricity bill and fan speed. I've not got any GPU benchmarks but I've put over 80 hours into AC Odyssey (don't judge :-) ) without a single crash at 4k~60 (adaptive). Tomb Raider and Space Engineers also haven't crashed yet. The machine runs noticeably hotter when running the AAAs. I've tried rolling back to nVidia 417.35 with no luck. I've also updated the BIOS on my mainboard. I've not run extensive tests yet, but a launch that reliably crashes with SVE/EVE/Scatterer seems to run fine without. SVT seems fine. Has anyone else experienced and overcome this issue? I used to run a similar setup but with a 980Ti instead albeit at a lower resolution and 1.5 or whatever was out back then. Specs: CPU: i7 6700k stock clock closed loop water cooler. Memory - 16Gb DDR4 Corsair Vengeance LPX 3200Mhz (2x8 in the right slots, default settings) GPU: RTX 2080Ti - Palit Mainboard - MSI Z170A M5 HDD: Some Samsung M.2 no longer on sale (MZVP512HDGL-00<truncated> according to HWMonitor). Thanks!
  6. Point taken. I guess I just assumed that most rational people would understand that if they're messing around with mod source code or downloading from anywhere but the authors page they're asking for trouble and get no support especially on something free! Maybe I have too much faith in humanity. I've removed my post.
  7. You are right - it is. It's been a while since I last played - I forgot the HG-5 was in fact a relay!
  8. First off - thanks for working on this mod. I enjoyed the UBM tech tree and contracts in a previous play thru so am pleased you have picked it up now the author has left. I did notice one thing in the early to mid game - relays. Would you consider moving the first relay dish to the 160 rather than 300 science points tier? My Mun rover contract was on the far side in my current play-thru meaning I'd sent a hopper, a rover and Jeb to Minmus before I sent an unmanned rover to the Mun. I just think it would help progression and balance a bit.
  9. Hi I'm wondering if anyone can help with my save. I may have screwed it up trying to fix an issue so here's what happened. I completed the Career Evolution BaseMoonScout contract. Unfortunately despite me being in control of the correct rover it set the waypoint to one from a previous contract - that rover was in a useless position. I didn't have a save backup from before I accepted the BaseMoonScout but I did have one from before BaseMoonCore. So I reloaded the one before I accepted BaseMoonCore and deleted BaseMoonScout from my save. I reloaded, terminated the incorrect rover, then re-accepted BaseMoonScout. The contract completed successfully however it will not offer me the MoonBaseCore contract however long I time warp etc. All the pre-reqs show as 'met' and I've not hit any contract limits as far as I know. Have I messed up my save or am I missing something? Link to save: SFS: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B9ztidMDFsqiTFRGQzduMXBRUFk/view?usp=sharing LoadMeta: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B9ztidMDFsqiaXlMQXlSOTVKdEE/view?usp=sharing Thanks. Edit to Add - I did find a quick save before I landed my new rover. I loaded that, terminated the old rover from the tracking station (without controlling it which triggers the contract countdown). I then landed the new rover. It worked - 5 min countdown once I landed and contract complete. All pre-reqs met for the next one but it doesn't get offered. It's not a big deal I guess - I could land something pointless at the bad location then move it later - however if I could somehow fix the save to offer the contract correctly that would be nice. Edit 2 and possible resolution: Think I solved it. I'm no developer but it seems this contract and one of the early rover contracts use the MoonRover key and it tracks it after completion. Deleting the rover seems to upset it for reasons I can't fathom. Anyway, I moved my old rover by changing it to the lon/lat of where I landed the new one - off by a few metres and 2 metres above surface level. That caused the BaseMoonCore to be offered where I expect it.
  10. Oh ok.. thanks. Given its gone 2am where I am I'll have another look tomorrow!
  11. I'm playing a fairly highly modded career game and am having a problem finding the Exopheric Karbonite band around Kerbin. After about an hour of messing and then another 30mins or so using the 'set orbit' cheat I just wanted to check if I'm looking in the wrong place or if I've got some kind of mod conflict/borked save. In spoiler tags in case people don't want to know the locations. Am I looking in the right place and therefore have some kind of issue with my mods/save? Or do I need to look elsewhere? Want to confirm before I go hunting for Ka+!
  12. Thanks both for your comments and advice. Turns out it was around 80% my flying for the small plane. I moved the CoM a bit, moved the wheels back (harder to take off but easier to land) and got rid of the exposed reaction wheel/probe stack and put it in a cargo bay. I also messed with the control surface authority a little. I can now land it with a 40-60deg re-entry angle of attack from reasonable orbits. So long as I'm careful to line it up roughly right - get well below 8km just after the mountains - I can land it most of the time so long as I land at a low enough speed. The big plane is just fragile. I've removed the modded parts so it should work stock now. I've landed it a few times but its very sensitive to stutter it seems. if the game stutters in the low atmosphere there's some unfortunate unplanned disassembly. When I use it I have to save, quit, and reload - that buys 10-15mins before the stutter returns. I also can't really manoeuvre the thing - I have to line it up right. To be honest I'm happy enough with it for now but if anyone fancies taking a look and suggesting anything that could improve the strength I would appreciate it. Updated files: Small plane with the updates above: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B9ztidMDFsqiRUtXQTZYcHVXc0E/view?usp=sharing Big plane, (hopefully) stock. In a liquid fuel payload + grabber config rather than rocket fuel + dock port but it seems to handle the same regardless: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B9ztidMDFsqidl93X3o2QTVQNms/view?usp=sharing
  13. Hi I've looked around the forums. I've watched the Scott Manley basic tutorials and then the Mark Thrimm SSTO video. I've seen Matt Lowne land bricks. However I can't seem to build a spaceplane I can actually land. I find getting to orbit easy. Re-entry is hit and miss but if I can make it to below 600m/s things generally survive that bit. It's landing I can't seem to manage. I've included 2 links. One is a crew plane (called 14 man but I think I dropped it 10) and another is supposed to lift an 18t fuel tank. Both can get to orbit with ease. Both re-enter if you're lucky. One lands on a good day, the other mostly explodes. Problems are: 1) The small plane just won't manoeuvre despite using large control surfaces. If you come in perfectly straight and hit the chutes at the right time I've managed to land it but normally it hits too hard. 2) The big plane has far too great an angle of attack. If I add wings further forward it flips out on re-entry and is not recoverable (well, you can get it going straight with a quick blast in closed cycle mode but it won't turn even gently). It also has a habit of ripping its own wings off when decelerating. Action group 1 switches the intakes and the rapiers. MODS: There may be a SETI Probe Parts pod in the big plane. I think the small one is fully stock. Any help or pointers would be much appreciated! https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B9ztidMDFsqiRmtQdnNxU3Y5ak0/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B9ztidMDFsqiSlBpeFV6Nk9Od1U/view?usp=sharing Thanks.