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  1. Hi I'm wondering if anyone can help with my save. I may have screwed it up trying to fix an issue so here's what happened. I completed the Career Evolution BaseMoonScout contract. Unfortunately despite me being in control of the correct rover it set the waypoint to one from a previous contract - that rover was in a useless position. I didn't have a save backup from before I accepted the BaseMoonScout but I did have one from before BaseMoonCore. So I reloaded the one before I accepted BaseMoonCore and deleted BaseMoonScout from my save. I reloaded, terminated the incorrect rover, then re-accepted BaseMoonScout. The contract completed successfully however it will not offer me the MoonBaseCore contract however long I time warp etc. All the pre-reqs show as 'met' and I've not hit any contract limits as far as I know. Have I messed up my save or am I missing something? Link to save: SFS: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B9ztidMDFsqiTFRGQzduMXBRUFk/view?usp=sharing LoadMeta: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B9ztidMDFsqiaXlMQXlSOTVKdEE/view?usp=sharing Thanks. Edit to Add - I did find a quick save before I landed my new rover. I loaded that, terminated the old rover from the tracking station (without controlling it which triggers the contract countdown). I then landed the new rover. It worked - 5 min countdown once I landed and contract complete. All pre-reqs met for the next one but it doesn't get offered. It's not a big deal I guess - I could land something pointless at the bad location then move it later - however if I could somehow fix the save to offer the contract correctly that would be nice. Edit 2 and possible resolution: Think I solved it. I'm no developer but it seems this contract and one of the early rover contracts use the MoonRover key and it tracks it after completion. Deleting the rover seems to upset it for reasons I can't fathom. Anyway, I moved my old rover by changing it to the lon/lat of where I landed the new one - off by a few metres and 2 metres above surface level. That caused the BaseMoonCore to be offered where I expect it.
  2. Oh ok.. thanks. Given its gone 2am where I am I'll have another look tomorrow!
  3. I'm playing a fairly highly modded career game and am having a problem finding the Exopheric Karbonite band around Kerbin. After about an hour of messing and then another 30mins or so using the 'set orbit' cheat I just wanted to check if I'm looking in the wrong place or if I've got some kind of mod conflict/borked save. In spoiler tags in case people don't want to know the locations. Am I looking in the right place and therefore have some kind of issue with my mods/save? Or do I need to look elsewhere? Want to confirm before I go hunting for Ka+!
  4. Thanks both for your comments and advice. Turns out it was around 80% my flying for the small plane. I moved the CoM a bit, moved the wheels back (harder to take off but easier to land) and got rid of the exposed reaction wheel/probe stack and put it in a cargo bay. I also messed with the control surface authority a little. I can now land it with a 40-60deg re-entry angle of attack from reasonable orbits. So long as I'm careful to line it up roughly right - get well below 8km just after the mountains - I can land it most of the time so long as I land at a low enough speed. The big plane is just fragile. I've removed the modded parts so it should work stock now. I've landed it a few times but its very sensitive to stutter it seems. if the game stutters in the low atmosphere there's some unfortunate unplanned disassembly. When I use it I have to save, quit, and reload - that buys 10-15mins before the stutter returns. I also can't really manoeuvre the thing - I have to line it up right. To be honest I'm happy enough with it for now but if anyone fancies taking a look and suggesting anything that could improve the strength I would appreciate it. Updated files: Small plane with the updates above: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B9ztidMDFsqiRUtXQTZYcHVXc0E/view?usp=sharing Big plane, (hopefully) stock. In a liquid fuel payload + grabber config rather than rocket fuel + dock port but it seems to handle the same regardless: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B9ztidMDFsqidl93X3o2QTVQNms/view?usp=sharing
  5. Hi I've looked around the forums. I've watched the Scott Manley basic tutorials and then the Mark Thrimm SSTO video. I've seen Matt Lowne land bricks. However I can't seem to build a spaceplane I can actually land. I find getting to orbit easy. Re-entry is hit and miss but if I can make it to below 600m/s things generally survive that bit. It's landing I can't seem to manage. I've included 2 links. One is a crew plane (called 14 man but I think I dropped it 10) and another is supposed to lift an 18t fuel tank. Both can get to orbit with ease. Both re-enter if you're lucky. One lands on a good day, the other mostly explodes. Problems are: 1) The small plane just won't manoeuvre despite using large control surfaces. If you come in perfectly straight and hit the chutes at the right time I've managed to land it but normally it hits too hard. 2) The big plane has far too great an angle of attack. If I add wings further forward it flips out on re-entry and is not recoverable (well, you can get it going straight with a quick blast in closed cycle mode but it won't turn even gently). It also has a habit of ripping its own wings off when decelerating. Action group 1 switches the intakes and the rapiers. MODS: There may be a SETI Probe Parts pod in the big plane. I think the small one is fully stock. Any help or pointers would be much appreciated! https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B9ztidMDFsqiRmtQdnNxU3Y5ak0/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B9ztidMDFsqiSlBpeFV6Nk9Od1U/view?usp=sharing Thanks.
  6. Possibly been mentioned before on the previous 25 pages but... If playing the Steam version and using the standard key mappings... Do not - under any circumstances although especially when trying to get an encounter deep between planets - press shift-tab to bring up the Steam overlay and talk to friends!!
  7. Thanks - that does seem to make them stick around a lot longer. It still doesn't seem to make complete sense at least to me - after a 0.01 adjustment in Precise Node they jumped from ~120,000km to millions (i.e other side of orbit) but it does seem to be a bit more sticky than before! I still rekon if I did the burn with the massive encounter distance I'd still pass less than an orbit away but I probably don't fully understand the behaviour of the predictions as a newbie to the game. Just to clarify - the option is under graphics and not gameplay.
  8. Hi, Does anyone know if there's a mod out there to show where a planet is at a particular time on an orbit? For example if you mouse over a point in your predicted orbit after a manoeuvre node it shows where the target would be including distance and maybe (but not essential) relative velocity? The 'closest encounter' marker seems to be a bit weird. It can go from a few 100,000km to nothing (disappears) in 0.01dV in one direction but go to several million km in another. Also it won't show second encounter like a ship to ship intercept orbit does.Trying to get an encounter with Moho from Kerbin for example can be a trial and error nightmare as once those little grey triangles disappear you've no idea how close you are even if potentially you'll pass within a few hundred thousand km. Even if you get an encounter if you're using nukes and a multi-orbit burn finding a correction intercept once you've escaped Kerbins SOI can be impossible. In a sandbox single mission game it's a little frustrating but in career where you've 10s of missions on the go at once you can't just keep reloading if an adjustment goes wrong. Would appreciate any pointers! Thanks.
  9. Hi, First off I think think KSP looks great with this mod. I am however having a few performance issues - my PC is reasonable so just wondering if it's expected - are other people having the same problem. I have an i7 6700k (stock clock), 980Ti and 16Gb RAM. I run ksp 64bit in 3840x2160 (4k). As it's not really a GPU intensive game I can run stock at well over 60FPS - I turn vsync on to cap it. With SVE installed it drops to below 20 on Kerbin at times - the 'physics warning' clock frequently turns yellow even launching basic rockets. High and Medium don't seem to make a difference. The only other mods I'm currently using are PreciseNode, Kerbal Alarm Clock, Reentry Particle Effect, Waypoint Manager and Kerbal Engineer. Appreciate any pointers or suggestions!