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  1. Never made a successful plane... I've tried, I'm just terrible at making planes.
  2. Thanks for all the advice, guys. I have already cleaned out any dust inside the case twice now, and it doesn't seem to be helping too much. And it's only the GPU overheating (it's an NVIDIA GeForce GT 610), not anything else. The CPU is at a cool 20°C. I will take @sal_vager's advice, though; until I can get it fixed I'm just going to lay off KSP. If I can't afford a new fan a new graphics card is even more out of my budget I'll reopen the case and check everything again once I have a little time to spare. Thanks again everybody.
  3. Hello everyone! I've played KSP for a fair amount of time now, and have about 400 hours logged on Steam. It's pretty much my dream game. It mixes all of my favorite aspects of games: science, openness, and moddability. I'm currently having a lot of issues playing it; my graphics card fan has stopped working and the card is now overheating and crashing at about 108°C (if anybody has any advice on temporary workarounds I would really appreciate if they could post it on my other thread - I can't afford a new fan right now ). But when I do get to play, I usually make the game as difficult and as close to reality as possible; add-ons like TAC Life Support and DangIt are beautiful things. So hello everybody, thanks for reading!
  4. Hey guys, Recently my graphics card has started overheating and crashing my computer. I can't afford to buy a new fan and heatsink for the card right now, so I'm trying to work around it so I can continue to play KSP and other games. I've reduced the graphics settings in-game to as low as they can possibly go, and I've limited the FPS to about 23, but I'm still getting crashes when the card reaches around 108°C. Mostly the card overheats when the camera is focused on a planet or moon. Any advice on ways to reduce the graphical intensity of KSP in any ways outside of the main game's settings and FPS limiting, including any add-ons or outside programs, until I can afford a new fan?