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  1. I'm looking to create 5-10m Dunaships with conventional or NFE propulsion. Warpship addons wouldn't really help, as they are not designed for efficient atmospheric flight. Thanks, though!
  2. Yes, I understand these things, as it's not my first time messing with modded games. Do you have any actual info or....?
  3. I've been looking to use some larger command modules in my latest modded career playthrough. Noticed the author is kind of.....gone, does anyone have access to the assets that could publish them? The stockalike CTT command modules just aren't cutting it anymore
  4. Been looking around for any news on this - 1.2.2 has been out for a while, when are we getting the update for RO? Trying to run this on the latest version, and i'll probably just downgrade in a week or so to have RO run correctly. I'd happily play a dev version of a 1.2.2 RO, if there is one.