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  1. A friend and I just spent the last 3 hours tinkering with this mod for the first time. Landed a little habitation on Minmus and proceeded to build an unmanned rover with parts hauled up... and it couldn't see CommNet so was unusable. If we shut off CommNet in the difficulty settings, it drove normally, but broke once we re-enabled it. The rover was 100% vanilla parts: a couple of girders, four wheels, a battery, an antenna, and a HECS core. Partial control, no commnet. Except the antenna was able to transmit, and when we slapped a thermometer on it, we were able to send that information back just fine. Dozens of permutations were then attempted. Parts were added in different orders, attached to the station (where the hecs was able to control things after everyone went eva), etc... We eventually attempted building the exact same rover the old-fashioned way in the VAB. It worked just fine. So, we had Bill build a copy on the launchpad by hand, and the same problem occurred as happened on Minmus. Has anyone actually built a working unmanned rover with KIS since the 1.2 patch?