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  1. During donation phase. Think I gave 10 dollars, but not sure.
  2. I truly love this design. Best thing I've seen in ages and has changed my way of thinking towards drop ships Thanks!
  3. I'm such a mod hater I really wish Alarm clock was part of the game As for long burns, I play KSP with sound off and watch TV most the time.
  4. I completely disagree. An alpha is about adding content, a beta is about optimization.
  5. Couldn't an "Ironman" option be added which does not allow these options for a career mode? At least people have the option then.
  6. I found myself spamming constantly for science stuff. I'd prefer if you can only do (or receive science) once for a specific thing. I think it would also be better to give a flat rate science for each task rather than transmission %. The exception to this is samples which you have to deliver back for science points. I found myself spamming constantly to try and get the maximum science from doing stuff. A check list would also be great in game (not achievements per say): e.g. Mun high Orbit Mun Low Orbit Mun Surface As spamming at different intervals became tedious. This "note book" could also be used to store the data you collect (gravity/pressure etc) on orbital bodies. Additionally I found no reason to keep kerbal's on orbital bodies (except for my own amusement). So I landed, took samples and left. It would be good to keep a base on a body to constantly monitor (over time) and gain science this way. Once completed you would be notified. These times can vary depending on the body and the biome you are at. Would also give a reason to land multiple times at a location as you may need to move around. I definately enjoyed the career aspect, it can be seen as easy if you've played a long time and have already been to multiple locations. But it's a great way to get new players into the game. The reason for this is even though i've played since 0.14 (ish). Having taken a break between 0.19 and 0.22 I was a little overwhelmed by the amount of new parts and additions. So it was a good stage introduction. Finally I don't think the difficulty of the career mode will be science related, but more funding/cash related at a later stage. It's easy to get to places if you have unlimited resource... but try doing it on a budget where every bit of fuel wasted cost you money will be difficult. Unfortunately having a way of estimating if you can do something will almost be essential to stop you waste the cash and "not quite getting there."
  7. Feedback on 0.22 Career mode. I've been to: Mun x3 Minmus x2 Duna x2 (no return) Eve x2 (no return) Still not unlocked everything Starting t feel a little grindy now. Also, I think it would be better to have higher science for things (where you can send via comms once and bring back once) rather than spamming them constantly to get as much as possible. The one thing I would liek is all the information (pressure, temp etc) to be available after collecting for reviewing.
  8. built a multi art ship (5 seperate flights and docking). It had: 12 kerbals An Orbital Station module 2 Sat's 2 Rovers 4 stage planet module Mun Lander Took it to duna. Deployed Sat around duna mun Landed on mun with lander Deployed station and Sat in Orbit of duna Landed the 4 planet modules Landed the rovers Drove the rovers 10km to the planet module (They were deployed with a chute unmanned) Setup the base Took a screenshot. Jumped Jeb over the rover and BAM! All part feel through the planet, all orbit parts got flung into the middle of nowhere and 1000 debris icons appears.... At least I got a screenshot of the kerbals on duna before hand
  9. I'm really looking forward to Career mode. The science is cool and all, but it's the money aspect I'm looking forward too. I can knock up ridiculous ships for doing simply tasks, but if I have to now do it with as little cost as possible... I'd find it more interesting
  10. I thought there were two modes: 1. Career 2. Sandbox There should be a game over for Career in my opinion if you fail. Sandbox is for doing whatever you want, Career should be about doing whatever you want with the possibility of losing
  11. I'd like an advanced flight planner where I can plan the whole trip using a selected ship which would estimate I can get something somewhere before attempting it using the stages and build I'm a builder more than explorer May be the ability to build a base on a mun/planet also with it's very own VAB.
  12. Add it up by hand or using a mod/plugin. Search engineer on spaceport. It has a part you can attach to a craft in VAB to get the details. May be someone can provide a link as I can't remember the full name right now
  13. So I've being using the engineer's plugin and parts (thanks for the recommendations) to view the thrust to weight ratio and delta v to build rockets. Very interesting I must say. It's made a massive help on staging e.g. I aim for 3:1 for first 10k, then 2:1 for up to 70k. After that though it's more fuel to TWR. So generally I use nuclear rockets for fuel efficiency and aim for 0.5 or above as I always have a an attached lander. So my question(s) are: What TWR or Delta v do you aim for in space? What numbers affect your decision in rocket design?
  14. Stock only: Duna's moon The Tower Uses parachutes to land on duna. Never tried getting it back off though.
  15. I haven't done this challenge, but I did a similar private challenge that matches this mostly (may be not the time frame). All stock. The craft 6 part craft. Body, Tower, 3 part research base and ike moon lander. Landed and built Took 13 tries to get to duna as fuel is quite limited. But done it Full screenshots here: http://steamcommunity.com/id/Zey/screenshots/
  16. Thanks looking at it now. Says something about adding a part though, but hopefully can do to get details and then remove before flight
  17. That: 1. adds spaceship details like mass per stage, total mass. 2. Calculates delta V per stage 3. Has angles for interplanetary missions 4. (optional) allows switching between craft without going to station. and most importantly: does not effect any parts or saved games so it's kept stock. any ideas?
  18. doh, game crashed Will rebuild again to see if I can get it running.
  19. Thanks. Still rolls unfortunately
  20. Perfectly symmetrical, so why does it veer left every time and crash in a hair of a second?
  21. Nah i dont use quicksave normally....
  22. 4 part station (docking etc) tat fomed the start of my interplanetary space ship. then i clckied, close game... unfortunately I'm a little tipsy where i thought close game was end flight.... I just died a little inside....
  23. Thanks all. I remember trying this a few iterations ago and couldn't get it to work. Sounds quite easy now
  24. Hello, So I was going to create a craft with multiple sat's attached and a second with multiple rovers attached. My questions is: If I create a craft with 4 sat's attached (each with it's own comp pod) and decouple them, do they become their own craft and controlable? Or do I need to launch the branch first, then launch each sat and dock to achieve this goal? thanks!
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