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  1. Local Logistics should let you load a landed vessel as long as it is within range, be aware that some resources are not transferable with Local Logistics.
  2. You can with a surface colony as long as you have resource mining and converters to get fertilizer. If you want closed loop on an orbital station it's not going to happen, at the least you would have to ship in fertilizer.
  3. As far as I know, you can't. There is a reason b9 is included in this mod, it is a hard dependancy. In other words, it won't work right without it.
  4. Umm... It's not exactly abandoned, it's just been replaced by SSPXr. This one works for the current version of KSP it's just not going to be getting anymore updates.
  5. @Cassin, make sure the wheels are facing in the right direction. There is an entry for the Akita rover in the in-game KSPedia that will show you which way the wheels should face. If I'm recalling things correctly(which I may not be) that front left wheel in your screenshot is backwards.
  6. Any chance of some pictures of what is going on? I build most of my bases on Minmus and don't run into this problem, especially with the ground tether turned on(side note, you only need to turn it on for one part per vessel). The only time I get issues with things jumping is when there are weird colliders when I attach something with KIS/KAS, when that happens things get launched thanks to the low gravity.
  7. It's in the FTT pack - (or bundled with Constellation) It doesn't contain the part being asked for anymore, probably got deprecated in favor of the Orca command pod.
  8. As long as you have enough cooling for the reactor it should. MKS drills tend to use up a lot of cooling so separating them could be helpful, just make sure to have lots of battery available both on the reactor and on the drilling rig or you are going to end up starved for EC due to the way the power transfer works.
  9. This is probably a good thing; I can totally see Jeb blasting a surface base from orbit. I'm not sure I'd want kerbals playing with railguns at all
  10. Not currently. You have to load up a ship on the surface and launch it to the station to resupply. As far as I know there are plans in the works for automated orbital resupply of some sort but I haven't heard much about it recently.
  11. I believe that requires an engineer on EVA, and some specialized parts/material kits are consumed by the switch. I think it's just Specialized Parts and Electric Charge with an Engineer on EVA. I know it's detailed in the KSPedia entries in game. EDIT: Just did a double check, it takes Specialized Parts, Material Kits, and Electric Charge with an Engineer on EVA. You can find the cost of each conversion in the expanded part descriptions in the VAB.
  12. I always figured there was an underlying reason why MKS had so many resources, now I know what the reason is. It's kinda nice to have my curiosity satisfied
  13. It looks like you have updated to MM 3.0.0 which had some code changes. The MM patches in your mods have not been updated for for MM 3.0.0 yet which is causing some of them to throw errors. The question then becomes are your mods working as intended? If they are, good; if not, you may need to downgrade to MM 2.8.1 until the mods get updated for MM 3.0.0.