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  1. The naming for bases and stations vs science stations is a little confusing. Basically, if your vessel is set to the type Base or Station, you're immediately excluded from being a science station. I think the category is geared more towards roving science ships or ground science stations that aren't actually marked as bases/stations. In addition to the vessel type, the only significant difference between requirements for the base vs the landed science station is that the science station is actually harder to accomplish as it has to have a crewed science lab. The good news is that you get significant credit for your science lab in your base scoring. Score for science lab on a base or station = 10 * State Confidence Modifier + 10 * Public Opinion Modifier Score for an orbital science vessel = 2 * State Confidence Modifier Score for a landed science vessel = 5 * State Confidence Modifier So while a bit odd, it's actually better for your overall score to be counted as a base/station with a science lab vs an actual science station. And if you're playing with a government that's heavy on public opinion instead of state confidence, roving science vessels are even less valuable. Maybe a better name would help differentiate the category or perhaps a blurb in the description that specifies the difference? Edit: Also, I wanted to point out that the 10xSC+10xPO only counts once per base/station. You can't spam science labs for points. If you want to build with score in mind, you can add more crew/capacity or docking ports/docked vessels. Or if you're with a government focused on state confidence, then storing ore and fuel are decent options because you get points per 200 resources (only ore and liquid fuel count currently).
  2. Is it intentional that the atmospheric scoops are able to pull in resources in space just outside the atmosphere but the refrigeration units are not?
  3. I think I may have found your problem. Can you try adding some lines to your config file and see if they help? Open up your GameData/StateFunding/data/modulealiases.settings file and find the section below. That last Antenna entry is the new one, perhaps necessary for one of the changes to antennas made by Kerbalism? Item { name = Communication Modules { Item { name = ModuleDataTransmitter } Item { name = ModuleLimitedDataTransmitter } Item { name = ModuleRTAntenna } Item { name = AntennaRange } Item { name = Antenna } } } Edit: The question I have at this point is how it's finding some but not all of your satellites.
  4. Is anyone able to create ammonia using the Haber process with in-situ resources in the current version? As best I can determine, it requires Nitrogen (gas), which I can't seem to obtain without buying tanks of it. I've tried atmospheric scoops, which gives me liquid nitrogen, but then can't seem to get it convert it to gaseuous form. I have gas and liquid tanks for nitrogen available, so it's not a storage issue. I've even tried the universal tanks and universal liquidificator from universal storage and was still unsuccessful. I'm sure I'm missing something obvious, can someone point me in the right direction? Edit: Answering my own question in case anyone else comes across this problem later. I finally located the IFS cryogenic tank that allows for conversion between liquid and gas via a slider at the top. I wasn't using that specific tank before. Is the distinction between Nitrogen-14 and Nitrogen-15 the reason we can't convert between them any other way? Also, I'm an idiot because I used the liquidficator instead of the gasifier... *facepalm*
  5. The function for satellites grabs all vessels that have energy, have a means of communication, and some sort of autonomous command. It then goes through that list and removes any vessel that isn't marked with the vessel type probe or relay. Then it removes vessels that have crew, don't have an orbit, or are orbiting the sun instead of a planet (coded to be independent of solar system). Do you have a craft file of the satellites you launch? Are they stock? Are you on the most recent version that added some compatibility for different energy sources? Do they have unique names? I don't see anything in the code that requires it, but it's just something I'd check to see if it makes a difference.
  6. I think you meant to say "it all looks very awesome at the moment". Great work, and I'm looking forward to trying it out.
  7. Thankfully, there's a config file for that. I opened up StateFunding/data/modulealiases.settings and modified the drill section as seen below and it now picks up all the drills from USI. I imagine the same might work for RegolithCollector and maybe some of the other resource collectors / scoops from KSPIE, but I don't have any of those to test.
  8. Thanks, I was beginning to wonder if I was crazy. I ripped the whole install apart, installed from scratch and still couldn't make it work. I was beginning to question my sanity on that one. Thanks for the great mods and the feedback.
  9. That's a fair question and one I asked myself every time I tested. In the end, I tried both directions every time I tested just to be sure.
  10. Dump From AVC: Dump from ls: The honeybadger control modules have 4k internal batteries each and the reactor keeps them topped off fine for spin-up and seeing that nothing lifts off. The original ship was much larger, but I pared it down to bare bones for testing (and as I removed mods). I think it might be time for a fresh install for me as I'm running out of mods to remove.
  11. Screenshot in the spoiler. I'm continuing to remove mods to see if I can locate the interaction. I've tried lightening the load, more power, and I did also try to flip them upside down just to make sure I wasn't using them wrong, but neither direction worked.
  12. This is my first time playing with the honeybadger items and I'm running into the same issue as TDPlay with the VTOL Atmospheric Engines providing no lift. If I replace them with the LFO or ducted engines, they work fine. But I get no lift from the atmospheric engines. I do have a wide assortment of other mods installed, so I'll attempt to troubleshoot where the interaction might be.