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  1. The KSPI reactors will all match their output to the power demand, so that no fuel is wasted, so yes, if you don't have anything requiring power hooked up to it, the reactor will produce minimum power, which IIRC is zero for the antimatter ones, as they do not need a minimum sustaining reaction. To test whether the reactors are working, I would recommend that you try hooking up a high power device to them, activate the device, and see whether the reactor outputs power. As long as that is the only reactor on your ship, you know that if the power using device works, then the reactor works, as long as the reactor is the only source of electricity.
  2. In Maneuver Nodes Evolved is there an option to toggle intuitive maneuvers? Sometimes it is useful to have the maneuvers be absolute adjustments instead of changing with the end-of-burn orientation, and doing this is troublesome with the Intuitive controls. Would there be any way to toggle this short of uninstalling the mod, doing the burn, then reinstalling the mod?
  3. Just wondering, do kerbonauts that are in vessels that have been stored in hangars gain experience during the time that they are in the hangar? (wondering because I have a Jool mission with a lander ship planned , and I'm wondering whether I have to cart the whole lander all the way to Jool loaded outside a hangar, or whether the crew will gain EXP in the hangar)
  4. Both of the antimatter generators produce most of their power as charged particles (80% for the pure antimatter and 90% for the antimatter/fusion reactor) so a thermal generator would produce a minuscule amount of power because only 1/5 or 1/10 of the power can be converted by the thermal generator. However, if the generator seems to be not producing anything at all, I'm not quite sure what would be causing it. Do any other reactors (normal fission and fusion, for example) have this same issue?
  5. I'm pretty sure that that is not the same as what I previously found, but it serves the same purpose — thanks for your help : )
  6. Does anyone know of a mod that adds a separator style part that, when activated, destroys itself in a poof of smoke rather than simply sitting around afterwards? I know that I saw it in a mod that I had around 1.1.3 or so, but I no longer have the same mods, so I do not know what mod had the part, and I have not had any luck googling around for the part. Also, how would one go about programming a part that deletes itself upon staging trigger, anyway? (in case the mod with the part no longer exists/is up to date)