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  1. So, I'm building up a mining colony at Minmus, but I'm trying to make it as efficient as possible. I am using Kerbal Attachment System mod, just for reference. Would it be more efficient for me to process minerals on minmus and then ship it to orbit, or to ship minerals to orbit and process it there?
  2. 'To the Limits of Kerbal-Kind' Challenge rules Qualifying: Proof You must provide images and/or videos of each launch, burn, landing, docking and undocking, as well as your craft in the VAB/SPH. You also need images that prove each point you are claiming to have earned. Cheating The cheat panel is not allowed. No mods accept those which are already installed. To add a mod to the list it must not add new engines, zero drag/weight parts, change the physics system or move and/or change planets and you must ask me first. Reverting flights and quick saving/loading is allowed
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