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  1. So, I'm building up a mining colony at Minmus, but I'm trying to make it as efficient as possible. I am using Kerbal Attachment System mod, just for reference. Would it be more efficient for me to process minerals on minmus and then ship it to orbit, or to ship minerals to orbit and process it there?
  2. 'To the Limits of Kerbal-Kind' Challenge rules Qualifying: Proof You must provide images and/or videos of each launch, burn, landing, docking and undocking, as well as your craft in the VAB/SPH. You also need images that prove each point you are claiming to have earned. Cheating The cheat panel is not allowed. No mods accept those which are already installed. To add a mod to the list it must not add new engines, zero drag/weight parts, change the physics system or move and/or change planets and you must ask me first. Reverting flights and quick saving/loading is allowed. Difficulty settings 100% re-entry heating enabled commnet part pressure and G-force limits plasma blackout on Commnet: - range modifier 1.0 - DSN modifier 1.0 - occlusion modifier, vac 0.9 - occlusion modifier, atm 0.75 everything else is up to you Scoring To be allowed to earn points, at least one ship must reach the SOI of a body other than Kerbol or Kerbin. It earns points for each achievement. You may only have one ship go through Kerbol SOI, though you may use different landers or tugs after reaching a planet. You can only earn points with that ship. Points: Celestial body Reaching SOI (max one per body) Achieve orbit (max one per body) Escape orbit (max one per body, does not count reaching a moon) Land (allows two lots of points for reaching orbit around that body) All (scores once) Any (scores each body) Asteroid N/A N/A N/A 75 Kerbol 10 10 1x10whatever you want 1x10whatever you want Moho 40 30 10 15 Eve 20 5 30 10 (+100 for launching back to orbit) Gilly 15 15 0 5 Kerbin 0 5 15 0 The Mun 5 10 5 15 Minmus 10 15 0 10 Duna 25 10 10 15 Ike 5 10 0 10 Magic boulder N/A N/A N/A 100 Oops, almost forgot Dres 30 20 5 15 Jool 40 30 40 1x10whatever you want Laythe 10 5 10 10 Val 5 10 5 15 Tylo 5 5 15 20 Bop 10 10 0 5 Pol 15 15 0 10 Eeloo 50 50 10 15 Bonuses: Kerbals: each kerbal in a ship that earns points causes the points to be multiplied by the number of kerbals on it at the time. Flagd: if you plant a flag on a planet double the landing bonus Landing on kerbin: if you land your ship on kerbin double all previous points (once max), is not increased by the kerbal bonus. Return to LKO: if your ship cannot accomplish a landing on kerbin and you leave it in low kerbin orbit (below Mun), and land all starting crew on kerbin you still gain the land on kerbin bonus Screenshot of an anomaly: +100 (scansat might tell you if you found one if you are using it) Penalties: Stranded kerbal: -100 points per kerbal Kraken attack: shame Sending additional ships through Kerbol orbit: -100 points per ship, additional ships cannot earn any points, with the exception communication relays which do not penalize nor earn points, but must be proven legitimate. Refuelling by mining drill: lose all previous point (for minmus, gilly, pol, bop or ike), lose half of previous points (for moho, mun, duna, dres, laythe or val)
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