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  1. Feels very weird bumping a thread from 2 years ago, but I'm assuming this is still stable for 1.12.5. I'm including ERS in my install, and this is a dependent. In the zip, it has "RPM Bundles" with a few assetbundle files. I have the current version of RPM, and I'm seeing a pair of similar files, "rasterpropmonitor-font.assetbundle" and "rasterpropmonitor-shaders.assetbundle" in the RasterPropMonitor file. The bundles from this download are that first one, and then bundles for each of the main operating systems. Do I need to bring over the Windows one, or do I skip this file since I have RPM?
  2. On further poking, I think it may be a deeper issue that KSPCF just made more visual. The numbers for consumption, thrust, and ISP were right for the WBI Fulcrum, Corvette, and Hemi Cuda, but actually attempting to attach one to the craft started throwing NRE's and warnings, and that was without KSPCF. I'll need to work on a minimum problem install. I just tend not to find problems till I'm a bit further along since I play career and some things don't show up in Sandbox. Sorry for the goose chase.
  3. I'm having the same issue. It's definitely tied to the upgrade system that WBI takes advantage of. It's like the new key array is being multiplied on the old instead of replacing it. It affected all the engines with upgrade ability, and I have a feeling it messed with the MOLE and other upgrades, too. I deleted just KSPCF and now all the numbers look correct.
  4. By all means, make it what you want it to be. The point is that Moho is very close to the star, so the light side of the planet physically ablates and is blasted away by the heat and radiation, so the effect is realizing that.
  5. Looks like Curse has changed their urls a couple times in the last 6 years, the link at the top of the page doesn't go there, either, but here everyone goes that's looking for it. GingerCorp on CurseForge
  6. For what it's worth, in the screen shots you sent, you didn't have any bodies targeted. If you did, you would be able to hit the target button on your SAS and it wouldn't be greyed out.
  7. @LadyAthenaI don't know if it has everything you are looking for, but Kerbal Flying Saucers by Angel-125 has most of what you want.
  8. Pretty sure this is a setting on a slider you can adjust in stock. Check your difficulty settings for your save, there's something about body occlusion for signal on there.
  9. It's all modded fairings. The node name changed in stock, so anything designed around the old way doesn't work. There's gonna be a 1.10.1 where it's fixed.
  10. These are all just from CRP. If planets don't have specific values set, then it's all RNG. You may have just had an unfortunate roll.
  11. As a general rule, SCANsat works with all planet packs. The maps and such aren't coded into the mod.
  12. You can use both, but I suggest going through the files and making sure not to have overlap with modifications to the interiors.
  13. You installed incorrectly. Please follow normal troubleshooting steps for more in depth help, and check the OP to see how things are supposed to be placed in GameData.
  14. You have some version mismatch going. Something is using a depth mask on those engines, but that ability wasn't available until I think the 1.8.x realm, so it won't work properly on 1.7.0. Downgrade all your mods to the 1.7.0 version of that mod and you should be better off.
  15. The problem is that the released version of the mod has the wrong module names for the Extraplanetary Launchpads integration, so those references in the .cfg have to be fixed. I did so a year or so ago and sent a PR, but of course the original modmaker has moved on from KSP, so they never got integrated with a release.
  16. You have put something to this effect in multiple threads, so you obviously don't know what is hanging you up and are blaming mods almost at random. Post your logs like the basic troubleshooting instructions say to do so someone might have a chance of helping you and you don't send mod makers on a wild goose chase.
  17. Right on, I love this addition to EL. It's been a while already since I did the adjustments to fix the EL module references, so sorry if something doesn't work right. I also see you picked up the mod I had been working on a while back. It was never finished and is just a couple very rough parts, so feel free to ditch it! I doubt the textures are even saved properly for the current incarnation of KSP.
  18. Extraplanetary Launchpads has non-stageable clamps that work similarly to the stock ones. Of course, they can't be sent on a lander, but you can build your base in situ and they will keep things lofted and still.
  19. Thread title says 1.6.1 and Galileo said just a few posts up that it hasn't been updated and there's been some discussions on what that means with how it currently works, so I'mma say "no."
  20. No they aren't. Attention to detail, my lad. Check the panel lines on the bottom. Color is slightly different, too.
  21. Would you look at the color on that KH? Almost exactly the one being shown by Cobalt. Turns out foil isn't necessarily the most accurate.
  22. Turn back off cutaway mode. It'll show what does exist for that config node if it is turned on, but shouldn't if you aren't trying to see the inside.
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