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  1. ah thanks its working its just kinda annoying that ckan doesnt work so i have to install it manually
  2. I tried installing the latest version manually like a week ago and it gave me an error message about how it wouldn't work with my version of KSP. I'll try again now
  3. hmm that's strange the latest version (1.1) i can find on CKAN or any of the download links on this thread says it only works on 1.5
  4. Is there a version for 1.6 out yet? I saw someone mentioning using this on 1.6 on this thread but I can't find a version for 1.6 or find it on CKAN
  5. Where do i find the folder i put in the gamedata folder?
  6. I might be able to help some. Where can I find the source code?