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  1. So I accepted a contract to put a satellite in a specific Kerbol orbit and it was only when I looked to see when would be best to launch that I realised it was a retrograde orbit. What it the best way of getting the required delta-V onto my satellite? The required orbit is from roughly Moho out to roughly Dres. I'm thinking lots of boasters, or at least lots of drop tanks, what sort of set up am I looking at to do that best?. Alternatively are planetary slingshots feasible for this type of orbit? and if so who hard are they? Thanks
  2. Thanks that did it. Not sure about why though, the CoM is in front of all them. I guess my picture is not showing up as I'm still new right?
  3. Hi For some reason the some of the elevons on my plane are pointing the wrong way when I try to pitch up or down. As shown in the picture the two on my tail fin point down and the outer one on my main wing points down but the two inner ones on my main wing point up. I've tried deleting them and putting new ones on, I've tried deleting them and copying the ones on the tail fin, I've tried setting the deploy direction to inverted. None of that seems to fix them. What am I missing in trying to make them work right. The problem elevons are "elevon 5"'s in case that might affect anything. Any other comments on the plane are welcome. It flies like a brick.
  4. Thanks. If the debris starts auto deleting at 250ish I can live with that. I'm only at about a 100 now which isn't much of a bother. Any idea if it is oldest first or something else? I like the sticking docking ports to all the big tanks and making a giant refuelling stop idea. I might adjust my stock launch unit to give that a try.
  5. I'm starting to see lots of debris from previous launches build up in LKO and also round my Mun station. Is there some easy way to clean it all up? De-orbiting it is obvious but seems like a lot of work. Then are there any design tips I should be thinking of to minimise it in the future?
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