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  1. There are any plans to bring this mod to 1.4.1? Thanks for the great work!
  2. ~20 secs off on my laptop with a 5400 hdd and 4GB RAM.
  3. Exactly, but after some tries and a while, it started to count the time down. Thanks for the info!
  4. Last night I was getting no planet on the dark side list, but a lot of options called BOP o.O
  5. Oh god... everything turn green but "under acceleration". I'm not accelerating.
  6. Yeah, another one here that investor contract is crashing the game. Same behavior as already described.
  7. That's awesome dude, just updated and will try it out soon. Thank you!
  8. @5thHorseman Yes, last version, 2.6.2, downloaded from CKAN. Modlist: Need any log? Which one?
  9. I don't find any. And also, I found out when I open the game, load the save there's all right, one line for each way point. I don't know when but at some point it starts to duplicate. Still only 1 dll.
  10. I would like to add the Smobodobodyne from CatEyes mod, it is possible to do that editing the cfg file? Can someone help me with that? Ty.
  11. I have a problem where every waypoint shows up duplicated or even more times on the window. It's know or something? Any incompatibility?
  12. Hey man, I think the mod windows only pop-up when you press F8 in flight, is that intended? Take your time, and many thanks. edit: Only now pay'd attention on that part of the description... appears to work as intended, but the name of the mod got me thinking it would replace entire save system.
  13. Yes, I got the same problem, it not seem to be loaded on kerbal.