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  1. Sorry what? From what part of that did you get “sack all the devs”? I said almost the exact opposite, “keep developing and improving features and don’t just implement or copy mods.” “I don't want any mods in stock. Mods are optional extras, and removing the "optional" bit from that for some mods would just be annoying.” "a mod did it, stop talking noob." the only word they share is “mod”. I can’t understand how you took away what you did from that. As for patrolling the forums like a hawk, this post was from 2/3rds of a year ago...
  2. I dodge all this “other people” thing, by basically not talking to anyone in my year bar 2 or 3, and calling the rest “Anonymous Idiot #39” etc. (While exclusively sticking with my fellow nerds from all other years.)
  3. rip nothing rhymes with orange, expunge at at our reboot shop licks.
  4. Distance is fairly irrelevant as long as you have a decent amount of Delta-V. And you don’t know it can destroy anything yet... Currently, the meta is against huge battleships. Many small ships with an equal tonnage almost always win, as due to the scale and damage of weapons the small ships will have the same amount of stopping power as the battleship, just can’t be attacked and potentially destroyed in one turn.
  5. Fairings no, they’re banned. Wheels I think are fine though, someone used them before I joined I think.
  6. Usually, a strong core is more important than external armouring. Most missiles phase part way through the ship before colliding, so how well it can dissipate the energy from that tends to make the difference rather than exterior plating, though it certainly does help, especially if placed a large distance from the core.
  7. Let’s get it up and running, then set up a page with a link for anyone who wants to join.
  8. So a 10 vs 5 Battle would be simplified down to 2 vs 1, etc.
  9. Why can’t we just use cost, and maybe tonnage? A lot of my ships have unnecessary armour parts and things like that. I know you’re using a machine that can’t load tons of parts, but battles can be done with ratios for craft.
  10. I’d only want to do it with no turrets on aircraft, they’re very powerful and unrealistic for 1 man fighters. Also, would lasers be fine if they only targeted missiles?
  11. Here at F-Tech, we aim to not please.
  12. Threw this together for a RP I’m in, showing off some of my crafts.

    My first attempt at using my new software, Openshot, OBS and GIMP.

    1. KerBlitz Kerman

      KerBlitz Kerman

      GIVE EM!

      This is too incredible, it almost smells F-ishy!

    2. MiffedStarfish


      I’ll have downloads later, if you want. :)

  13. Struts can usually solve it, or autostrut for a temporary fix.
  14. It’s out. jets sound absolutely awful and every decoupler needs to be replaced, but that’s about the only negative bits.
  15. A point base system is definitely role play. Discord is a better place for it.
  16. I highly doubt this would be allowed on the forums, so it would probably have to happen on discord or something else, but it sounds really fun.
  17. Yup, F-Tech is a handy prefix to seperate my craft from downloaded ones easily. Role-play and corporations though are banned on the forums.
  18. Sure! I’ve been meaning to build some subs for a while now, seems like a good opportunity.
  19. Looks good, I’m really excited for the DLC. It would be nice if the blue EVA suit was added to the rotation as well though, so you can use both.
  20. Welcome! The had part of docking is rendezvous, after that it’s fairly simple. All you do get within a few hundred metres of the craft, target the docking port, point towards it. Then switch to the other craft, target the docking port, point towards it, and with one of them burn at around 1m/s, and they will connect, no RCS required. This works at a wide range of angles, as when you get within range the magnetism will pull it to the right axis, I’ve assembled entire stations with no RCS using this method.
  21. What amused me was this. I’m tempted to print out a craft file and post it now. Dear TakeTwo, Root Part: StructualI-BeamPocket Offset: 2.475822 Rotation: 89.0837 Part: LiquidFuelTank Radial Offset: 4.9574739 Rotation: 6,8397 Unit: LiquidFuel Amount: 400 Another thing I saw in EULA was that it is now illegal to have KSP on a hard drive. You have to keep it on the disc that it never came on.
  22. When you are plotting manuever nodes, the readout on the side of the navball shows how much D/V the burn shall take, and how much you have done. This works fine when you have one node active, but if you have multiple, it only shows the closest, which can be annoying when you’re planning a transit to Jool, but you can’t see how much D/V you’ll need to capture because you have a correction burn of 2m/s active as well. I suggest a way to cycle through which manuever node is active on the navball.
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