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  1. I can’t remember where I saw this, but I thought that any ship with 6+ kerbals could act as a control ship.
  2. The physics engine will be the same, just with less scope. The game dosent differentiate from “orbital physics” and “ground physics” it’s more “you are at this place, going at this direction, at this speed, under the influence of this. You’re still doing tick rate physics, and still using a ridiculous amount of RAM for mobile.
  3. I’d rather the time was spent on actual features on PC than a mobile game that would be incredibly laggy and limited, while taking up extremely large amounts of memery memory. Edit: Memory not memery, though memes are fun
  4. Hey, let’s not be too mean to the new members... besides, I find vectors give better results. Make some basic guided 0.65m torps, and stick a load on it. And some I-Beams on the front.
  5. When you watch a video of a real life collision and are surprised when there isn’t a framrate drop.
  6. Wow, that’s great! It looks so much better. Have you tried using heatshields or FL-A5 Adapters to get the curves on the horizontal stabilisers and tail fin?
  7. Have you considered that Acht-To is a wellspring of the force? It is literally where the Jedi order began, and the chosen one’s son living there for a decade or so will have increased that even more. The other times she mind-tricked a stormtrooper, lifted a lightsaber, which weighs effectively nothing, snapped the lightsaber, and lifted the rocks. The rocks were probably the hardest, but she had lots of light side emotions for who was behind the rocks, so that would have empowered her.
  8. @Sidestrafe2462 can I get the download for the Titan please?
  9. My computer could probably run about 1500 parts, Arx is 600. It’s got 3 Goliath engines,about 460km of range not accounting for lighter fuel loads at the end, 44 missiles, 3 LASORZ, 2 millenniums, 3 abrams, a goalkeeper, a load of hydra turrets, some 30mm chain guns, and of course the choppa. The mentions are fine.
  10. Made a new ship, ended up exactly as I wanted it, twice the Castellum is every respect. The MHC-11 Arx. Twice the cost of Castellum, twice the size, well over twice the firepower (and a choppa), and unfortunately for @Earthlinger twice the parts, at 605.
  11. You mean the first order base on starkiller? There were quite a lot, but that’s about ten thousand in a galaxy of trillions. In the empires prime, they had over twice that in Star destroyers. The new republic disarmed so there was no one to actively keep the first order in check, and no one who cared. That’s why leia formed the resistance.
  12. They were all on the Raddus, as everyone evacuated. And were subsequently killed when all the transports except one were destroyed.
  13. The last Jedi leads on directly from the force awakens. The new republic capital would have been destroyed maybe 1 or 2 days ago, before that the first order just sat in the unknown regions doing nothing and being ignored. I doubt that’s enough time for any sort of organised help to arrive, and most people probably wouldn’t have access to a ship that easily anyway, and they were literally in deep space. And as for losing contact, why would they stay in contact? They are being actively hunted, broadcasting their location and status dosent seem like the best idea even when the Supremacy isn’t chasing you.
  14. They are... getting a signal to them is one of main plot points of the last half of the film.
  15. I'd like a competition with rules. You could get around the parts counts by having different catergories like tonnage as well as parts.
  16. I’m fairly certain you just need to change the version type number from a 1 to a 0 in the persist file, and it will be usable.
  17. Hmm, that’s odd, I was sure that worked. Are you sure the guns were set to target everything?
  18. I have a plane... don’t think I have a download link on this machine though. I’ll submit tomorrow.
  19. It is annoying, but can be fixed quite easily by Physics Range Extender if you’re willing to install mods. I do agree with extending the switch range in stock though.
  20. I don’t know, I quite like the boxy-ness. Stuff that’s designed to function never really looks bad to me.
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