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  1. For me it’s: V IV Rogue 1 VIII VI III I II 2nd, 3rd and 4th are very close though. Just realised a problem with force awakens that would make the whole film impossible. When Finn and Poe escape in the tie fighter, they take off their helmets. In a tie fighter, the cockpit is a vacuum, to save money. Considering Finn had a stormtrooper helmet and Poe had no helmet at all, they should have both died as soon as the left the hangar.
  2. Yes yes yes! New stock parts! I’m getting making history anyway, but I’m really glad to see Stock is still having time put into it. The new decouplers look great especially.
  3. I don’t know, I don’t think Jedi temple could really have been that big. I’ve got about 60 people in my year at school, and I know all of their names. Let’s say Rey would be at the school from the age of 3, she was ten when she was dumped on Jakku, so assuming that was fairly soon after the burning of the temple, that’s still seven years for him to have seen her somewhere. Also, presuming Luke sensed her force potential she could have been put in the “top class” of highest ability younglings, along with Kylo. Apart from that I do like the idea, and kinda wish some story like that had played out as opposed to “ur parents are alcoholics”
  4. The main problem I see with it is that though Rey would have been wiped and not recognise Kylo, Kylo would recognise Rey. Apart from that, it does make sense.
  5. I liked it. Some people think it ruined the lore completely, etc... but for me, it didn’t seem too separated from the Star Wars universe at face value, with the consistently excellent cinematography that comes with high budget films, and an original plot. There’s one scene in particular that has become my favourite in all sci-fi for its sheer impact. (Ey... ) Overall, I’d say definitely worth watching at the cinema.
  6. The not puppy sheds join hive, food fight, the prince of wheelbarrow covers them from the insistent gamma ray kicks of the seashell.
  7. Didn’t watch it, im not really following the social/political side of the discussion, more the lore.
  8. Legends is great, particularly the Thrawn books. They used Thrawn In rebels and he’s the best villain in the entire show by far. Kylo is literally Jacen from the EU. Son of Han and Leia, very strong in the force, falls to the dark side. The only difference is the name. I’m all for drawing more stuff from legends.
  9. I really don’t want another arm injury, it would just be repetitive. In the expanded universe, at one point Luke meditates and basically adds his power onto another character called Jaina. (whose actually pretty similar to rey) Luke could have been doing something like that in addition to projecting himself after the fight.
  10. Your arguement is that Kylo shouyld have destroyed Rey, right? Maybe Kylo does have significantly greater power than Rey, but he's not harnessing them to there potential. The dark side relies on hate and anger, but Kylo dosen't have much to hate or be angry about, as far as I remember. He dosen't hate Leia, as shown when he dosen't kill her. He didn't hate Rey because she hadn't scarred him until the end of the fight, and she hadn't had any contact with Luke yet. The only person he really hates is Luke, for betraying him. Maybe he could have wrecked Rey, but he was using the dark side with relatively little dark side emotions in regard to Rey. ironically, he probably would have done better if he'd attacked with the light side of the force. Just a theory I made up in 5 minutes.
  11. Christmas is over, so my squid's hat has dissappeared. Also, his immense size and subsquent gravity well has pulled the border into circle!

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      Squid is shorter to write, so I always thought of it like a squid. Because I’m incredibly lazy. :D

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  12. The age difference is a problem, as Kylo is ten years older than Rey and rey was 10 when she was left on Jakku, so not sure if the timelines would match up, and Rey’s arm being lightsabered is very cliched for Star Wars, but apart from that it sounded good. I still really want Rey’s real name to be Jaina.
  13. I don’t think the force adjusts power on the fly to be equal, I think it’s more like it throws two sides with roughly equal force potential into the ring, watches eagerly, waits a generation and repeats.
  14. Kylo is the counter to all the Jedi students, as due to his linage he’s probably as powerful than all them put together. Then he killed them all, so Rey turned up.
  15. Canon Wookipeedia says it can’t do this, the film shows it dosent do this in both scenes. The entire mode of operation makes it impossible for it to be charged. It works on the same principles of accelerating a projectile that a crossbow uses. Technically you could say that pulling back the string on a bowcaster could be charging, but Chewbacca removed the string and replaced it with an auto loading mechanism. The only time it can charge is in the battlefront games, which is purely for gameplay reasons.
  16. Like I said earlier, it’s the troop transport repulsorlift, it’s just drowned out by the explosion when he fires. It’s loudest when the transport is closest to the ground. There is no sound at all in starkiller base, as well. and Rey hit kylo in his unprotected face.
  17. He’s waiting for the troop transport to get out the way, and it’s maybe a second at most.
  18. The 2.5 seconds are from him aiming, he’s just bringing it up to fire, probably getting a feel for it as he’s only used it once before. Plus wookieepedia says it operates like a crossbow, load-fire. There’s nothing about it being charged. http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Bowcaster
  19. I watched it several times. He aimed, he didn’t charge. The whine isn’t from the bowcaster, it’s the troop transport flying in.
  20. Both times it’s fired, there is no charging. The trigger is pulled, and it fires, with no charging period. The bridge didn’t explode because it wasn’t a hit on the bridge, (which probably would have been more effective, thinking about it) it hit Kylo and was probably partially absorbed by his elite first order armour, which is shown to be excellent, deflecting blaster bolts and glancing lightsaber blows.
  21. The two stormtroopers in that were completely missed, yet still got blown several meters. Also I’m fairly certain it’s only a charged weapon in the non-canon battlefront games, canon wookieepedia says its a projectile weapon that uses electromagnets to propel quarrels, so not sure how it could charge.
  22. Keep in mind Kylo had just taken a direct hit from this.
  23. Updated downloads of the EX-5 Oceanus and the EX-7 Hyperion, managed to shave over 200 parts off the Oceanus with more economic fighters, 20 off the Hyperion with by removing useless missile parts while stopping the wobble of all the sections with struts, and changed all the lighting to green because HKA. Also redid the screenshots because you could barely see the Hyperion in old pics.
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