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  1. I read over the rules again, specifically And built a ship that exploits take advantage of that. Behold, (I'm too extravagant) the F-Tech EX-3 BL: It carry four of my heavy guided missiles and is 18 tons. My reasoning is that I can attack first with it and probably heavily damage or destroy any ship I think is the most threatening. It has no armour because... um... <scrambles to open ksp> (the ion engines run on 2 large fuel cells)
  2. hello again, I made a new ship! i orignally intended it to be an unmanned light scouting version of the Paradox, but it turned out having every single variant of space weapons i use! Observe, the F-Tech EX-2: im still testing the armour right now, but hopefully when its ready i can start battling! download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/x2tivsrsgu9rytl/F-Tech EX-2.craft?dl=0
  3. Hello, I recently posted my company submission (F-Technologies) but didn't include a flag as I am terrible at using art programs. I couldn't see any thing in the rules but as literally every other post has a flag, I was wondering if it mattered?
  4. Wait, so you gave us a countdown followed by a countdown? Oh no, it's the Sombra ARG all over again.
  5. Oh god I really want to put tail fin ears and communitron whiskers on it now
  6. Hello! I'm new to the forums but have been playing ksp for a few years, and quite a lot of that time has been building stock combat vessels. I have seen this thread a few times before but never joined due to not having an account. Right now I only have 3 three ships I am happy with, but they have only been tested against my own ships and I am desperate for some constructive critism. If anyone had time I would really appreicate some opinions on my craft and how I could improve them. my ships: Paradox Patrol picket: Mass: 38 tons weapons: 6 i beams Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/cxnul1nucb3a0rg/F-Tech Paradox Patrol Picket.craft?dl=0 Quatum Leap Frigate Mass: 61 tons Weapons: 8 I-Beams 4 Guided quintuple i beam 0.6m missiles Paradigm Shift Battlecruiser Mass:117 tons Weapons: 12 i beams 4 guided quintuple i beam heavy 0.6m missiles Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/tfrrc9lhkw3d8kj/F-Tech Paradigm Shift Battlecruiser.craft?dl=0 Since the Paradigm Shift has nearly twice as much mass and nearly 200 more parts than the Quantum Leap and has weaker armour it's not very practical and I will probably need to rebuild it.
  7. F-Technologies Company History: Prior to the discovery of kethane, Fish Technologies, or F-Tech, became infamous for their disasterous attempt to introduce aquatic life forms into the oceans of Laythe. Shortly afterwards the company was bought by a wealthy businesskerbal who re-purposed the entire space agency to mining kethane. Instead of setting up operations on the surface of other bodies and having to compete with other companies and potential aggression, F-Tech began a string of asteroid mining operations which brought in significant profits and went largely ignored by other companies. Nevertheless they secretly built and maintained a modest space navy in case anyone tried to steal their assets. Their success would not continue forever though, as GMI's invasion and blockade hit the company hard, forcing their mining operations to either stop or pay a heavy tax to GMI. Under these new sudden impositions profits began to dwindle and the company seemed to fade away into obscurity, but all hope was not lost. The company finance manager slowly began to fill the company's coffers by gambling making several secure stock market purchases, and F-Tech slowly regained its footing, though with a new motive: to overthrow GMI. Secretly contacting HKA they offered assistance in freeing Kerbin from GMI's presence, and began designing and testing a new line of spaceborne warships. They were nearing completion but unfortunately weren't ready to launch when HKA began the siege of Kerbin, and their original secretive fleet was hiding round the dark side of the Mun to avoid detection, and lacking warp drives, had no way to reach Kerbin in time to assist the recapture of the planet. After the Destruction of the blockade and reclaiming the KSC, F-Tech considered themselves in debt to HKA and quickly approached them with the offer of placing the new task force under HKA command, and a trade deal. Post Siege of Kerbin, they are considering building a permanent outpost in the Duna system, and have sent advance scouts as placeholders to discourage other corporations attempting to control the Duna system themselves. Ships Warning! Most Individual Downloads are Outdated. For Up To Date Craft, Use the Download at the Bottom of the Page, and Select the Correct Ship. F-Tech currently only manufacture vessels designed for extraterrestrial operations, though that may change in the future. Most vessels come with launching stages capable of placing the ships in 100k Kerbin orbit, I am working on launching stages for the others. Gaia Fleet Gaia Fleet is a still in construction fleet under F-Tech command, funded by a combination of mining profits earned after the GMI taxes were lifted, and a employer winning the lottery. When finished it should consist of The EX-5 Oceanus Assault Carrier, The EX-6 escort Coeus and Crius, and The EX-7 Hyperion, which is still in development but when completed should be able to rival ships on the scale of the destroyed Aegis. The fleet has the eventual goal of relocating to Duna, where F-Tech probes have detected a potentially profits resource in abundance. It should hopefully be able to single handedly defeated a blockade of Kerbin sized force. Though it is a big aim, and quite possibly won't come to fruition on that scale, work is continue if at a steady pace and it is more than capable of assisting HKA in their goals. EX-7 Hyperion Class Destroyer The Flagship of Gaia Fleet, The Hyperion is the most powerful vessel in the F-Tech aresenal, packing 18 I-Beams In two reloadable and swappable missile pods, 6 individually mounted G3 Torpedoes, the main weapon of the Fleet, and experimental G4H Heavy torpedoes, capable of tearing ships apart in one shot. And if it doesn't, There's a second one. It's experimental hull structure allows it to take multiple hits and even lose entire sections and keep fighting. it has two escape pod located in rear bays capable of deorbiting and landing on atmospheric and very low gravity worlds. All in all, it should keep F-Tech secure against competitors and help HKA in their goals. Parts:750 (sorry) Mass: 143 tons fully loaded Crew: 2 Delta-V: Don't know Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/0o0gp249xravaiu/F-Tech EX-7 Hyperion.craft?dl=0 EX-9 Eos Class Stealth Gunship Designed as an multi-purpose Stealth scout vessel, the Eos was specially comissioned for The secretive Duna Initiative, the Eos is suited for long missions in deep space. A lightweight vessel, it is powered by quad fuel cells and propelled by eight ion engines in sealable bays. It features multiple stealth systems designed to deceive sensors and scans, and is the only vessel to date to feature Thermal Signature Cloaking TM, which alters the Eos's thermal output with hundreds of microscopic radiators built into the hull, allowing it to appear as any sort of ship or debris to thermal scanners. It also features electronic countermeasures and a incredibly reliable planetary scanning system for marking anomalies and planetary bases from orbit. If it chooses to engage a hostile, it has 6 I-beams and 4 G3 Torpedoes at its disposal. In the unlikely event the centre section is destroyed, both wings have dual H3 Torpedoes and are cabable of running all four engines at full power. An Unique ship, only 3 have been built for the Duna initiative, but one is being gifted to the HKA fleet. Action Groups in the description. Parts: 375 Mass: 41 tons Crew: 1 Delta-V: I don't know, but probably around 2000-3000m/s. Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/7bf00htdw6tjco6/F-Tech EX-9 Eos.craft?dl=0 EX-11 Atlas Armoured Strike Fighter Commissioned by the Duna Initiative, The EX-11 was designed to work in conjunction with the EX-9, wherein the Eos would scout out and identify targets in sensor Stealth mode, and call in an attack squadron of Atlases, then reveal itself and engage from the back lines. The Atlas is the first fighter to be fully armoured with capital ship grade plating, and only weighs 14.9 tons. It carries 2 salvos of I-Beams that can be precision fired with the targeting iron sights, and 2 experimental G5L Light Torpedoes designed for use against lightly armoured targets. It may be suitable for carrier operations, as it is only 6 by 6 square metres. These fly in squadrons of 3, and due to their specialist abilities only 3 squadrons have been built, with one given to HKA to work with the Eos. Parts: 135 Mass: 14.9 tons Crew: 1 Delta-V: don't know but built to be regularly refuelled. Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/pe3spl3tu863f7k/F-Tech EX-11 Atlas.craft?dl=0 EX-5 Oceanus Class Assault Carrier The first of a new fleet of vessels, the Oceanus was constructed using the funds earned after the GMI tax was lifted. Due to the previously unthinkable scale of the ship, it was assembled in orbit. (Translation: doesn't come with a lifter, sorry.) It carries 3 EX-3 Recon fighters and is powered by 8 LV-N nuclear motors. This vessel was not gifted to HKA and answers to F-Tech, though it has been assigned to work in conjunction with HKA's space navy and its crew defer to Commander Cadmus for most military operations. Parts: 720 Mass: 189t Crew: 5 pilots (rotating around 4 fighters) one engineer and Admiral of the F-Tech fleet Gilad Kerman. Delta-V: Don't know, will edit in later. Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ctfuc9t6w6gk435/F-Tech EX-5KS Oceanus.craft?dl=0 EX-6 Chronus Escort Picket The Cronus was designed to be a cheap but effective escort to the heavyweights of Gaia Fleet. To lower the cost as mining operations hadn't quite started bringing in big profits yet, it uses a experimental chassis design in which it uses a large, angled plate to deflect shots impacting the top, and Multiple layer thick plates to protect the internals on the bottom. It carries four heavy torpedos, and though its armour isn't going to stop a bomb, it will protect it against a respectable amount of unguided fire. Being remotely controlled by technicians aboard the Hyperion and Oceanus, it can be thrown into battle without risk of kerbal life. Parts: 250 Mass: 46 tons Crew: none Delta-V: don't know Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/va11hmcletdb1k0/F-Tech EX-6 Chronus.craft?dl=0 EX-3 Class Recon Fighter (Disclaimer: currently the picture and download for the EX-3 are slightly outdated. I will uptdate this and post the newer links as soon as I can.) The EX-3 was developed as a long range assassin style fighter, capable of taking out capital ships with its twin heavy torpedos. It also packs 4 i beams for lightly armoured targets. A modified variant is also available with the canards removed for carrier use. Mass: 17t Parts: 125 Crew: 1 with drone Co-Pilot Delta-V: don't know Download: (currently doesn't have launching stage, will uptdate soon) https://www.dropbox.com/s/9owe6b2d7ho9uhm/F-Tech EX-3 BL.craft?dl=0 Apollo Fleet The Apollo Fleet had been in construction for over a year, and were developed to assist HKA in the recapture of Kerbin, meaning they mostly are designed for offensive operations with the execption of the Paradox. Sadly arriving to late to assist in th Siege of Kerbin, F-Tech feeling guilty after promising support to HKA almost immediately offered to place the fleet under Commander Cadmus, to replenish HKA's severely depleted navy. EX-2 Multi-Purpose Automated Strike Vessel Extremely versatile, the EX-2 is designed to be able to elimate a wide range of targets and has 3 different weapon types to accomplish this. The drone pilot means it can be thrown into combat with reckless abandon, and with the option of remote control it does not suffer from glitches. Mass: 44.5t Parts: 250 Crew: None Delta-V: don't know exactly, around 2000m/s Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/x2tivsrsgu9rytl/F-Tech EX-2.craft?dl=0 Paradox Class Patrol Picket The oldest ship in the F-Tech fleet, the Paradox class is designed from the ground up to eliminate smaller, lightly armoured targets and as such does not have any guided weaponary. This puts it at a disadvantage against larger vessels but even so one shot from its 6 I-Beam missiles could potentially cripple an capital ship. It also has dual klaws for scavenging weapons severed from destroyed hulks of ships, a feature unique to F-Tech's fleet. All this combined means the Paradox is perfect for defending your planet while you jaunt over to Duna to rescue an employee. Action groups are in the description. Parts: 175 fully armed (not including launching stage) Mass: 38.5 Crew: 2 Delta-V: sorry don't know exactly but around 2000m/s Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/cxnul1nucb3a0rg/F-Tech Paradox Patrol Picket.craft?dl=0 Quantum Leap Class Frigate The Quantum Leap is built to fulfil multiple roles, with 8 I-Beams ideal for taking out fighter and light patrol vessels, and 4 guided heavy missiles designed to disable larger capital ships. Heavy armour means it can absorb most I-Beam shots with only superficial damage, and LV-N engines mean it can travel longer distances than heavier warships. All weapons are reloadable with docking ports. Action groups are in the description. Parts: 350 fully armed (Not including launching stage) Mass: 61.2 Crew: 2 crew 4 passengers/prisoners Delta-V: not sure exactly, around 2000m/s Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/s1gf49a6gqd4tak/F-Tech Quantum Leap Frigate.craft?dl=0 Paradigm Shift Class Battlecruiser The Paradigm Shift was designed To be used in the long run, every weapon can be swapped or reloaded, making it the most versatile vessel in the F-Tech fleet. It carries 2 RSC drones designed to reload the weapons pods and, in the worst case scenario could be used as guided missiles. Action groups are in the description. Pats: 535 fully armed (not including launching stage) Mass: 117.2 (not including launching stage) Crew: 4 Crew, space for 8 passengers/prisoners Delta-V: Don't know exactly, about 1500m/s Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/tfrrc9lhkw3d8kj/F-Tech Paradigm Shift Battlecruiser.craft?dl=0 I will add more craft soon! Master Download https://www.dropbox.com/sh/ql9loshdxvw65al/AACvkcClNQzBE8hu-pw61i_Da?dl=0 I have read and understood the rules.
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