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  1. Thanks, but to be honest i actually lost interest in KSP and completely forgot about this mod and I'm sorry to say i will not be continuing to update to mod. This is due to me just not having enough free time to work on the mod. I give permission to anyone who wants to take over this project if you want to take it over just send me a message and i will add permission for you to edit on github and spacedock. Also here are some planets I've been working on that anyone can use: Download
  2. Pretty sure they mean the Asteroid Day mod, the one they partnered with the B612 foundation to release. Thanks for the quick replies. Didn't even know that mid existed
  3. By asteroid redirect mod do you mean Custom Asteroids or is there an actual mod called Asteroid Redirect because after googling it I can't find anything on Asteroid Redirect
  4. Hold on im getting some and wait like an hour for another update that has a bug fix
  5. This is the official thread for the Kerbal Galactic Expansion mod. This mod adds new star systems to Kerbal Space Program Prerequisites: Most recent version of Kopernicus. Images: http://imgur.com/a/uEfmo Releases: Release v0.3 is now available on both sites. Changelog: v0.3 - Version: "How the heck does finalizeOrbit work?" Added the Kel system Added the Kernol system Added the Kiris binary system Added a new planet to the Kerbol system Added rings and a corona to Xurbol Moved Kerbol System closer to the Xurbol to minimize floating point errors and orbits shifting Cleaned up the file system Known Issues Xurbol's rings appear extremely dim in the tracking station Xurbol's rings can be seen through it when zoomed out Some planets are have low quality textures Planned Features More star sytems(like 1 or 2, 3 at most) Black hole gamma ray bursts More detailed rings on Xurbol Wormholes(most likely wont happen) SigmaBinary support Expand the Kel system(more planets and maybe binary) Biome maps -Brightness curves on the stars v0.2 - Version: "I guess this is an actual project I'm doing now" Added small asteroid like planet in the asteroid belt named Kre Re-did the Trappist-1 star to have a corona Smoothed out terrain Re-aligned some of the planets to be tidally locked Switched Trappist-1b and c SpaceDock: https://spacedock.info/mod/1232/Kerbal Galactic Expansion GitHub: https://github.com/RyderReed15/KerbalGalacticExpansion/releases If you have any comments or bugs please leave a reply on this thread or on the GitHub repository. License: MIT