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  1. Yes! Thanks man. I can't wait to overhaul my planes!
  2. Can someone please give me a link to a working version of Procedural wings? I've been looking everywhere! Thanks!
  3. @Murican_Jeb Do you know if a new release fixing the overheat glitch has been released? Thanks. Also, is there a way I can fix it myself? I would love to be able to use these beautifully modeled weapons without that glitch. Again Thanks!
  4. @Murican_Jeb I'll post a pic once I get a chance.
  5. Thanks. I just hate it when I can't use them after those ten seconds. Good luck!
  6. Hey @Skyer, how come when I fire the guns for 10 seconds or longer they won't fire anymore? The mod itself is amazing as I have been trying to build a Me 262 with a 50mm, but I can't really use it because it stops working so quickly, can you fix this please. Thank you and your mod is absolutely amazing!