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  1. Yeah, well that was just the final cut. Here's some shots from the blooper reel:
  2. 1.3.1 stock bearing propeller plane: 07:25 - 2:00 (Top Gun) - 1:00 (No Strings Attached) = 04:25
  3. Thanks! I think not having a reaction wheel was definitely a mistake, but Bill survived. Thrust vectoring from the Spark and a TWR of 4 got me off the ground without much fuss.
  4. My latest Jool 5 craft ... 69 parts, 28,835 kg and 63,606 kerbucks ISRU SSTO with a minimal Tylo lander: Challenge: 1st Level STOCK, Low Mass/Cost Version and mods: KSP 1.3.1 with KER, TAC Fuel Balancer, Trajectories, Better Burn Time and Chatterer Full album:
  5. Yep, procedural fairings. I just used an upside down interstage fairing on top with another interstage fairing attached to the interstage node of the top fairing. If you customize the fairing shape you can get them to meet halfway.
  6. Interesting mission, thanks! I used TweakScale + FireSpitter to create an RTG-powered quad-copter weighing 504kg. Each copter has 4 science experiments and a surface scanning module and can fly indefinitely at ~90% throttle. I took 4 of them to Laythe with a total launch mass of 97T. Interesting maneuvers include a gravity brake around Tylo directly into an aerocapture at Laythe. I didn't set up any relays or even use CommNet. Full album:
  7. Interesting challenge! I successfully completed "expert mode" with 6 SRBs. I may give it another go. I didn't try very hard to reduce mass and I missed the part about entering/leaving orbit in a single burn. I thought the craft actually had to complete an orbit.
  8. My entry: 2,570 dV in LKO. Sorry for the lack of ascent pics ... this was more of a test flight, but it was a pain to get into orbit with a TWR of .4 and I don't want to do it again.
  9. Working on a proof-of-concept ... TIL planes with giant holes in them can get to space no problem. Honestly didn't think this would work. I'll follow up with a real mission.
  10. I enjoy building replicas and would like to participate, but the goal of fewest number of parts is totally at odds with building replicas. How are we supposed to find this completely arbitrary sweet spot between cockpit + engine + wings and an accurate replica?
  11. All my mods are broken, so I decided to do my first stock Jool 5... Single launch, 1 kerbal, $264K, 452 tons at launch. Mods used: KER, BetterBurnTime.
  12. My modded entry: 145 points I believe (133 from goals, +10 for landing within 500m of the NAM and +2 for taking a short drive).