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  1. I'm going by what the game and your helper window are telling me, and neither mentions a 5% limit. Just read the original post and your wiki on the reactor, and neither state there is a limit. The helper app indicated 720 GW worth of waste heat. I don't see this in your descriptions either. You state here the core can produce 5% of it's rated 36 GW of power, but the game says it produces 360 GW of thermal energy. I don't know what to go by now. Why does the helper state there is 720 GW of heat, the engine description in the game state's there is 360 GW of thermal power, but you state it's 36, but only 5% of that 36? Am about to uninstall. There are other warp drive mods that I'm sure have better info.
  2. The Helper indicates that the antimatter reactor outputs 720 GW of heat. I want to utilize the entirety of that power, so I must bring 720 units worth of cooling to bear on this setup. I found that there is a Dragon power transmitter capable of dissipating over 100 GW, so with 4 of those and an inline radiator, I can completely nullify the waste heat from the antimatter reactor. I don't understand where your numbers are coming from. 5%? Why build such an expensive reactor if you're only utilizing 5% of it's power? Perhaps I'm looking at his all wrong?
  3. These radiators are really weak. I don't see the point of having them at all. To bring the plasma beam core antimatter reactor into the green requires 3 inline titanium convectors and 50 stock thermal control systems. Am I missing something? The best radiators I see are the stock ones. I would need to install hundreds of your best just to get this reactor in the yellow. As it stands, 50 stock large radiators lags like crazy. I would have thought you'd provide some means of cooling these parts without resorting to spamming stock radiators.
  4. The first time it was mentioned, RD asked the poster about USI-LS, but didn't mention if it was the cause or the cure. No real solution was offered, and so I asked. Sorry. But, yeah, USI-LS seems to cure the problem. I was using TAC LS before, and assumed it was supported, but I suppose now it is not. Thanks! I think jd284 touched on the real problem.
  5. Did you ever find a fix for this? I'm running into the same problem right now.