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  1. Yes, I'm already in the polar orbit. I'll simply rendezvous with my lander once it's in orbit of Kerbin. Your solution makes sense, thanks for the quick reply!
  2. I'm in a situation. I sent a space station with a small lander to the Mun, and realized it would be easy to put it into a polar orbit. That way, I could end up above every biome on the Mun. Now I have a contract that says to bring a Kerbal back from orbit of the Mun. Cool. On any equatorial orbit, my lander would have plenty of dV to get back into a decent orbit of Kerbin. BUT I can't figure out how to exit a polar orbit without using so much thrust that I'm in a ridiculous orbit on exit. So, the question: what is the most efficient way to exit a polar orbit of the Mun, given that I can wait any amount of time for the Mun to change position around Kerbal?