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  1. That's the best kind of bug. Great mod by the way, much of which probably should be in the stock game already.
  2. ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

  3. Beautiful. I'm a sucker for galaxy aesthetics.
  4. There are some really neat drawings here! Good job guys c: I used to doodle a lot, so here's a few of my favs I can find right now. Nothing that's too impressive, but I'm proud of them anyway.
  5. We're done here, I can't speak with your kind! I see what you mean, but there would still be too many bodies that'd fit in that definition than I'd be comfortable with. Aren't there a few bodies in the kuiper belt even bigger than Pluto?
  6. Uranus is funny~ You're on the right track, but isn't even Pluto big enough to be rounded by its own gravity? Last I remember it's a fairly round body. Like me!
  7. I think this entire debate comes from the root problem of how stupid the development of what we call planets has been like. Iirc, since it was essentially originally "excrements in the sky that isn't the sun," we've been kinda trying to fix it ever since then. Like CGPGrey, we should classify our solar system as having 1 star, four terrestrial planets, four gas giants, an asteroid belt, and a kuiper belt. Don't even bother giving Pluto the "dwarf planet" status, as it gives people hope that the little hunk of ice can be classified as a planet, despite how wrong that is. Side note: Rename Uranus, please.
  8. Hey! Awesome mod. I totally get that you need time to take care of yourself so by all means, go for it. But for if/when you or anybody else might pick up this mod, I have a suggestion. Nuclear bombs are more than smoke and fire; two interesting phenomena are flash blindness and retinal burns. For the former, the retina can be bleached for as many as 40 minutes quite a considerable range from the detonation, while the latter is permanent retinal damage from having the explosion directly in a person's FOV. What I'm saying is that it'd be cool to see a big, bright, white flash before all of the fire and smoke effects. I'd even settle for the flash not lasting a half hour!