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  1. So turns out the other two craft files had mechjeb installed. Here is a link to KerbalX and also to Imgur for the lot. The Krafts on KerbalX do not have any modded parts installed https://kerbalx.com/Avo4Dayz/FlyBack https://kerbalx.com/Avo4Dayz/medium-fly-back-booster https://kerbalx.com/Avo4Dayz/375-fb https://imgur.com/gallery/RmgQRJW
  2. Yeah of course images and kerbalX would be good. Just easy to share link from where I backed up haha
  3. Anyone interested in playing with flyback boosters I have shared a link to stock ones which I have made. They are designed to be able to lift adequate payloads to a parking orbit with equatorial apoapsis of 125km. Then your payload will circularise or you can use an upper stage to do this (taking out of your payload fraction). From there you circularise your payload before switching back to the booster and performing a course correction burn if necessary and then ignite the panther engines to extend your range back to the runway. The Twin Boar variant is great for small satelites. The variant built off the plane tanks can easily lift the Mark 2 capsule to space using a poodle kicker stage and plenty Delta-V to reach your station. the 3.75m variant has be glide tested only, but I figured larger payload options might be useful. I do recommend SRBs for larger paylaods to reserve some Delta-V for high altitude trajectory corrections. Very much interested on people's opinions on the crafts or if they have made fly backs of their own. https://kerbalx.com/Avo4Dayz/FlyBackhttps://kerbalx.com/Avo4Dayz/medium-fly-back-boosterhttps://kerbalx.com/Avo4Dayz/375-fbhttps://imgur.com/gallery/RmgQRJW
  4. Tried the SSTU custom tank and bring "rocket parts" in that? Added in a fuel line from pod to tank and adds up now thanks
  5. I'm not sure if this is a 1.5 bug or just a general thing. However I have noticed the 3 lander command pods when paired with the lander tank have more Delta-V without additional fuel attached to the command module itself. Is this as intended? https://imgur.com/gallery/emynY6t I am aware it reduces parts when setting up Apollo styled ascent/decent stages of a module. But I would imagine the fuel in the tank should outweigh the mass of the tank itself in regards to delta-v?
  6. There was an economy to orbit (payload mass/cost) that was in version 1.2.X. This was my entry for that https://imgur.com/a/W6vyW I do have another link with Ascent profiles etc. But does this qualify? I suppose I could refly the whole test again to prove function in current version of Kerbal. But as it was a fully stock challenge I assume it'll perform much the same. Craft file: https://www.dropbox.com/s/z9dyuajr9jlg5ku/strato7.craft?dl=0
  7. I was hoping to put in a request to modify landing legs to have a minimum and maximum deployment range. Like how cargo bays can have a max deploy limit, but for both min and max.
  8. Anyone try to build recoverable fairings yet? I have.... I flew one on top of my stock falcon 9 design, running 9 Rellant engines Initially built in VAB, turns out created heaps of lift causing instability issues of rocket.... So then I put my fairing in a fairing so I could test just the fairing coming home. https://imgur.com/gallery/1e6sl I went on to design Fairing 2.0 which flew waay better, but I am not sure if I feel the points awarded for just this bit are worth it.
  9. Apologies if in the wrong area for this. i was wondering two things. Why don't the landing legs have deploy limit options? Additionally, I attempted to add a line into the landing gear cfg, but it appears it made no difference. So where would I add this it if possible at all? Also would it be possible to add in a min as well as a max deployment.
  10. Didn't realise they were considering ditching the smaller fairing. Also to my understanding the plan is for the BE-3U to be used for the optional third stage (if that even ever comes into reality as well). Being the same engine used on the New Shepard but with an extendable nozzle, so perhaps worth considering when the New Shepard is in development for the mod. But given the only the New Shepard and BE4 exists so far the rest is a bit of a guess haha. Side note your Vulcan is an awesome development to!
  11. Love your work @Superpenguin160, I know you have many things in works but was wondering about the following: - 3 Stage New Glenn addition - The alternate small fairing for New Glenn (Yes the SSTU fairing with PBR could achieve this also, but still) Just curious if these were considered and/or thought of?
  12. I did read, just was always confused on definition of asparagus staging given I saw soo many just using drop tanks haha... Besides I usually specialise in SSTO VTVL rockets.... Hoping some of that can work here to. I used a single twin boar (plus 2 orange tanks) to lift 19t and return the rocket back, so maybe 3 skippers can lift 20-25 t (non returnable)..building now
  13. Attach fuel lines from outside tanks back to the centre tank. This results in full throttle the whole time and the core stage has full fuel at the moment the strap ons are jettisoned. (Same was Space X plans for falcon heavy and I imagine Delta Heavy would do this to, but not certain)
  14. FMRS was to test the theory to see if it was even worth bothering with. Might give it a go later on at some point depends on if it de spawns half of the craft due to physics limits, might trial sometime. Lots of bad weather at the moment so nothing better to do anyway
  15. Yeah as stated wasn't a submission but more a tria of theory and something to do. Hoping it inspires others to make something new in attempts of getting cheaper lifts without just refining the same designs using different engines and fuels