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  1. Thanks! Ive already Started working on it, if you, or someone else is wondering what im doing, basicaly, i just read the Thread again, seeing if something has changed in the time i didnt have a look. and saw the first few comments, someone said, he woud like an little Modular System, and well, i liked it! So ive started to create that, and almost got an Finished Version, With An Automated Module for Automation, an Few Tank Modules (Configurable Containers) and all the Changes i had to make. Also I love this mod! Thanks for your work again!
  2. @PrivateFlip Hi, so maybe you can remember me, i wrote the Wiki, So i wouod like to ask if im allowed to use The Model and Your Code in a Fork of your Porject here, Because i realy woud like to add some extra Features, But im a realy bad at making Models Be shure that i woud Credit you! Hope you Respond! I woud Publish Everything Under the Terms of the MIT License. (If you cant Remember the Conditions, I Suggest Looking at this easy explanation) Oh: KhaosCorp is no more on this Forum so...
  3. Hi, Again, after Some More Research, i woud say that the ACTUAL error is not an nullreference, but instead an Access Violation, Using The VS17 Debugger, i was able to get this: Which in English means something like: Ill just Open An Issue On Github from here, because the Problem doesnt seems to have an fast soloution.
  4. @voicey99 I know, i can not remove code from the Mod (at least no easy enought to be worth here). EDIT 1&2: Ill have a look into Configs - Well, thats not a lot there. Stuck again. EDIT 3: Ok, so Funny that i didnt recognize that before. But, No mod loaded at all. The Tabs and stuff are there, but not a single Part. EDIT 4: Ok... Parts are loading now, but after i first Caused the Error, and THEN opened my console, the game seems to be in an unshure state, and isnt loading the console, science trees or anything else anymore. The Parts havent loaded because of the same problem. EDIT 5: Errors Has to Come from KolonyTools.AC.CustomAstronautComplexUI.SpawnKerbal() (obvious) which is ~ line 200 and looks something like this: var kerb = HighLogic.CurrentGame.CrewRoster.GetNewKerbal(0); and i think, the error is caused because said line (see above) has an value (kerb.Gender) which is tested against. but if that gender is null .... Ill edit the DLL maybe, but the Function is not provided by the Mod Right? Thats a Game Value right? Why is that returning null? maybe because of the "0" ? EDIT 6: The 0 Refers to ProtoCrewMember.KerbalType.Crew, So Actualy the Code is: ProtoCrewMember kerb = HighLogic.CurrentGame.CrewRoster.GetNewKerbal(ProtoCrewMember.KerbalType.Crew);
  5. OK Enabled instant Flush, So here is the Log since i Opened The AstronautComplex: So, as fas as i see, it throws errors every time: a) The AstronautComplex is opened or b) kHire() is called, and with that CrewGenerator.GetRandomName(Gender g, System.Random generator) The error is "NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object" which object that is i coud not yet see. @voicey99 ? What "AC Part"
  6. Nope, Still Throws NullReferenceException Also, Theres only once kerbal thats generating when creating a new world, Jebediah Kerman. No idea why.
  7. Hi! So, MKS is changing the Kerbal Hireing/Generation System right? Well, i just started back into my Old KSP Modpack together with an friend. But we are unable to generate an DarkMultiplayer Universe, because generating new Kerbals is throwing errors. We are also unable to Hire Kerbals normaly in a Carreer/Science/Sandbox game. So any ideas how to fix this? (And am i right that MKS is doing that?) PS: The Error Refers to .GetRandomName(Gender g ....) My Current Mods (Setup CKAN) (Exported with CKAN)
  8. Hmm, ok ill update my Dependencys then (still using some from 1.1)
  9. Im pretty new to ksp Plugin Development, and im just playing around with it at the moment. So as i coud see, is trying to expose the most important Classes from System.IO, but not all, for security reasons? For some reason they are not Exposing MemoryStream.WriteTo(Stream s); (maybe because there is no "Stream"?) I wanted to ask how i can access these classes/Functions, because its not in, and i need it (i think) (if there are other options tell me :)) Im also going to test if i can reference an libary that is referencing System.IO.Stream Same also counts for System.IO.Encoding. Thanks for any help!
  10. @suicidejunkiethanks for the help that worked for me i just let the signal bounce over mun / minimus
  11. @gargamel yes you are right, but a DLC is always a "problem" (exept its a Texture DLC) i was speculating most the time sorry i didnt said it right there
  12. @ExtremeSquared The Orbits arent Random they are as you said equatorial (4) and polar (4) @Delayi also thought that first but: i done it with hyper edit and they are on a near (as far as it works with Hyper edit) perfect 0/90° orbit... @p1t1oTryed the first one (second im not far enought) hasnt worked for me ... i often build interplanetary probes which take 10 Years to reach Jool (or aother) so even seconds matter @suicidejunkiePlaying just with the ksc so doesnt works for me either so after all of that: @stibbons coud you give me some pictures? i now launched over 20 rockets (each 4 probes) but they just go wrong all the time ;( so please just tell me how to cheat them right....
  13. I Totaly Agree with you! but my Personal Problem with DLC(s) is that it HAS to Split up the Community, because there are: "stock", "stock with dlc 1", "stock with dlc 2", "stock with dlc 3"... and the KSP community is not like a million players so i think its not the best for the Community, i think its nice as gameplay factor, but it will damage the Community!
  14. I dont know where to put this... So i just Put it in here... Ive got 2 Relay networks in my KSP game, 1 at the mun and 1 at Kerbin, Im playing with RemoteTech so its Important for me that these work. My Relay networks are made like this: 4 Probes In a Polar Orbit and 4 Probes in an Equatorial Orbit, but now these Probes are magical Moving, they dont Change orbit, butThey move closer to each other or further away from each other.... I even tryed to Place them With hyper edit (Used the Argument of Periapsis) but they are always moving. I Want to ask if anyone else has this Problem and may knows a fix for it? Thanks for the Help already HurricanKai