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  1. Sounds like we both had a similar idea... I've done this for the STS-Test 4 to lift the station to orbit without using a rocket (because this is the shuttle challenge and using rockets feels out of place ). It's not part of the actual mission, which is still in progress, therefore the "launch 0" name, but I plan to reuse the design in future missions if it's allowed.
  2. This. If the .craft can not be loaded in a stock install, then it's modded. * except for the kerbal joint reinforcement mod, those can be loaded but give interesting spaguetti results
  3. Thanks! That's a good question, maybe the solar arrays could be transformed into a retractable structure, and then a big shuttle could take it to orbit... I didn't consider that option yet, but it should work very well for transportation and it's not that complex using mods. If the solar arrays stay as they are, probably with alt-f12.
  4. A couple of teasers, looking for feedback about this thing: And because we are already making alternate history, why not a new STS:
  5. I don't think so, looks like your shuttle has plenty of lift. OFC it all depends on what potato size are you planning to bring down
  6. That was my guess too Drawback about the reflections: most parts mods don't use it, actually it appears to be working only with the "mk2 expansion" on my current game.
  7. That is from a texture pack, as far as i know windowshine only makes windows reflect the exterior, as in the gifs: windowshine LOL, now my kerbals have the pink visor sickness
  8. Cool! I think windowshine could be at work there too, are you seeing the pink texture on stock cockpits or solar pannels? I've been waiting for an updated release of that mod for a while, but found this on the TR thread from the creator: "UPDATE: Reflections work in 1.4.5 If you use the most recent official release of TR, and WindowShine for KSP v1.2. That said, all the previous bugs with part highlighting not working are also back." I'm trying it right now. Edit: Bwahahahahahahaha it works! Sexy windows everywhere
  9. So, what mod are you guys using? Texture replacer replaced - Apparently outdated, labeled as 1.3.1 in the mod thread. Or... Texture replacer - Working? I didn't test it myself, but according to it's thread it works in 1.4.5.
  10. Ozelui

    Duna Outpost Mission Architecture Challenge

    Impressive ideas... I thought my plan was solid, but after reading your posts I'm not so sure anymore. I'll probably go back to the drawing board, my ships doesn't seem to be modular enough. I've chosen 30 ton payloads for a total of 22 launches. I like having two launches before the first transfer window, and one very close to the 10 year mark. The LV is under construction. 1- First launch: Mining ship with a pilot and engineer as crew, and barely enough fuel to reach Minmus. It will refuel every time it touches solid ground. 2 - Land on Minmus, and return to LKO using Mun to slow down and aerobrake gently on Kerbin's upper atmosphere ( no nukes ). Once the ship is low enough launch a shuttle to recover the crew in order to save LS supplies. 3 - Second launch: Duna mobile base, crew of 5 but it can support up to 6 kerbals. Rendezvous with the mining ship and fly to Minmus again, store some aditional water and ore for farming during the travel. 4 - Kerbin gravity assist and transfer to Duna. Land both ships by aerobraking and parachutes. 5 - Bring the miner to Ike with 4 kerbals for the duna bus archievement, then back to Duna. A month before the return window, launch to Ike again with two kerbals, refuel, then gravity assist at Duna and transfer to kerbin for early mission prestige. 6 - Back in kerbin, use the mining ship living module to expand the planned KSS, refuel (again) in minmus and reuse it as transfer stage. I was thinking about launching another miner for the second transfer, and some empty fuel tanks, since the payload is going to have a lot more mass. Also it can carry crew again, or an extra fuel tank, or supplies.
  11. My crew needed to perform some durability / life support / driving tests on a new Duna mobile base... guess where they went.
  12. Thanks for the badge! LOL nah, I won't, review the missions when you can and want. Also I figured you must have been busy going to Duna in *that* other challenge About the visual mods, I think the one you didn't recognize is KS3P, the rest are the usual suspects, EVE, SVE, scatterer, planetshine, engine light. KSP looks very beautiful with the post processing, but the default .cfg exagerates the lens dirt effect, and it's quite dark. I'm playing with the config trying to find a better setup, AFAIK the author plans to adjust it for the next version release.