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  1. Thanks! My second shuttle should be ready soon ( it can reach LKO already but has some landing problems - The "We all are going to die" kind of problems ). A few boosters here and there, some lift surfaces and it should be good to go.
  2. @michal.don, regarding the Duna missions, what constitutes a support package? "NOTE: You may launch 1 support package for your shuttle using a traditional rocket or shuttle launch for this mission." Is there any limitation as to where the second rocket / shuttle can go? Can it go all the way to Duna?
  3. Would something like this: work for you? It's a very simple assembly with a Quad adapter to hold the SRBs together, and struts to reinforce the structure. That said, i usually prefer to keep them separated like this: With a strut near the SRB nose and another one near the tail to avoid RUDs.
  4. It took a lot of explodium and time, but i think i found a worthy succesor for my aging shuttle: I'm still working on the Duna payload and boosters, but i expect to finish both soon
  5. Hey, you left the joke in orbit, i had to land it somewhere! By the way, to put the badges in the signature, you can use a code like this in profile -> signature: [ url=https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/164104-shuttle-challenge-v5-the-sts-thread-stock-and-mod-friendly-new-mission-782017/& ][ img ]http://i.imgur.com/bE1JPq5.jpg[ /img ][ /url ] (Without the spaces, i added them so the forum doesn't recognice the code). Save it and open the signature again.
  6. Thanks for the badge ! And just for the record, he volunteered. Well, maybe he was volunteered. He was happy with it! (not)
  7. Does anyone know how to make.. Hydroplanes?

    If you mean seaplanes, i made a few lately: https://kerbalx.com/Ozelui/PBY-5A-Catalina-2 https://kerbalx.com/Ozelui/Caiman-mk-1 https://kerbalx.com/Ozelui/kraken-mk-1 Wide wings and fuel tanks in the bottom of the aircraft seem to work quite well. But i guess i'm an old style kind of guy when it comes to seaplanes I'm specially proud of the Catalina, but the fusselage is a mess of mk2 fuel tanks clipped together for looks. The Caiman is very straightforward: Mk 3 parts with wings on top. A bit tail heavy to help with water take offs too. If you want to build multiengine aircrafts, consider the wheesley engines, the reverse function is great for quick turns in water. The Kraken was made for a challenge and has all kinds of problems. It needs rockets for water take off, has a lot of hidden control surfaces inside the fusselage, flies almos without fuel, barely reachs 100 m/s... not a good example of how to build seaplanes. But it's huge
  8. Here's the potato: I'm considering to repeat the mission, since the little minmus detour took more than two years... also it was my first contact with space potatoes, and i overestimated them. At least the class A is very light, maybe other classes are more challenging.
  9. Congratulations on the 100 posts mark!!! Since the forums decided to eat all my imgur albums containing the mission reports (apparently single images still work), i started a new thread in the mission reports subforum, to keep track of them: Back to potato hunting!
  10. Until now i was posting the mission reports in the challenge's thread, but since the posted imgur albums are not showing in the forums at the moment, i think grouping all of them in the same mission report thread will make them easier to fix once embeded albums work again, and also the reports are going to be better organized. Challenge Link: It's a really fun and interesting challenge, i recommend it to everyone. But be warned, as the missions advance so does the difficulty Mission 1b - Do you even lift? Status: Completed https://imgur.com/a/cGosm https://kerbalx.com/Ozelui/Pulsar-shuttle-mk-1---M1-Do-you-even-lift Mission 2b - Can you hear me? Status: Completed https://imgur.com/a/TqXRL https://kerbalx.com/Ozelui/Pulsar-shuttle-mk-1---M2-Can-you-hear-me Mission 3 - Can you see me? Status: Completed https://imgur.com/a/xdUQx https://kerbalx.com/Ozelui/Pulsar-shuttle-mk-1---M3-Can-you-see-me Mission 4 - Can you rescue me? Status: Completed https://imgur.com/a/BF8Rq https://kerbalx.com/Ozelui/Pulsar-shuttle-mk-1---M4-Can-you-rescue-me Missions 5 to 8 - Can you build me? Status: Completed https://imgur.com/a/DIC5Y https://kerbalx.com/Ozelui/Pulsar-shuttle-mk-2---M5-Can-you-build-me https://imgur.com/a/TvMWF https://kerbalx.com/Ozelui/Pulsar-shuttle-mk-2---M6-Can-you-build-me https://imgur.com/a/0fQLv https://kerbalx.com/Ozelui/Pulsar-shuttle-mk-2---M7-Can-you-build-me https://imgur.com/a/g9tAH https://kerbalx.com/Ozelui/Pulsar-shuttle-mk-2---M8-Can-you-build-me Mission 9 - Can you land me? Status: Completed https://kerbalx.com/Ozelui/Pulsar-shuttle-mk-2---M9-Can-you-land-me
  11. @Alpha 360 Nice one! Keep practicing more landings until you get used to your shuttle's personality.
  12. Madness? What madness? I can't see any... ... Oh wait, it must be hiding behind the 1000 ton shuttles
  13. The cargo bay is this big: Positioning the cargo well, i think it can hold two mk3 fusselages, but i didn't try yet. Almost 800 parts (many of them struts), and almost 900 tons
  14. STS 5 to 8. While i felt the cargo bay was too small for the station i had in mind and created this thing (still WIP) ... ...i really want to see how far my starting shuttle can go before i have to switch to a new one.