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  1. Awesome badges for awesome challenges. Added to my signature and properly linked to the thread for visibility
  2. I'm glad to hear you liked it, actually the original recovery method for the submarine was an inflatable airlock to grab it and pull, but I wasn't able to make it work, so in the end it was the submarine who had to save the gap. In the first take off ( that ended in explosions all over the lake ) the plane was ALMOST capable of getting out, so I took the cheapest solution with the JATO
  3. This is my take on this second landing. I flew the plane from the ksc and landed just outside the forbiden area to have a quicksave close to the lake ( it took half a dozen tries or so to get everything right ). Nothing too special: flaps, reversed goliaths and a few separatrons for a rocket assisted take off did the trick. My minisub was able to reach 402 m ( not 403, because it is a bit bulky ).
  4. Ozelui

    Mountain lake landing challenge

    Cool! Thank you! I suspect part two is going to take a lot more effort...
  5. Ozelui

    Mountain lake landing challenge

    A couple of months have passed since the last entry, so I'm not sure if this is necroposting or the challenge is still going on. Anyway this is my attempt at it with a STOL seaplane, no reaction wheels, just Jeb holding the stick
  6. I´m guilty for this one, is that the mission you were refering to?
  7. The final word is up to michal.don, but my guesses are... 1) Most mods are allowed, as long as they are not overpowered. I never tried this particular one, but from the looks of it I'd say it will be fine. 2) Probably, there are no rules saying otherwise. 3) Didn't know @Artienia had a custom fuel pod. Cool! and yes. 4) Yes
  8. Very similar, the only difference is the second vehicle. I've been searching for a while too, but had no luck so far, all the designs I've seen detach only one vehicle. Nevermind, Ridiculous fancy will do XD Exactly, the two aircrafts in the sides transfer fuel to the shuttle in the middle and are released when empty ( except for ~3000 LF units each for the atmospheric RTB). All engines are activated at liftoff, so I guess it's a parallel staging then. Thanks!
  9. Yeah, of course, if there's no name I'll call it that I was just curious because I think that concept was seriously considered ( and discarded ) in reality. The drawing looked like something from the 50s or 60s.
  10. It was the night before Christmas and Santa Kerman forgot to secure his precious cargo. But fear not, kids! Instead of building a Mun base, Jeb and the other elves... uhm I mean kerbonauts, stepped up to save the Christmas! Full mission report here Does anyone know how this launch vehicle type is called? I remember seeing a drawing like it in the KSP forums a long - Really long - time ago but could not find it anymore. Now time to go back to that Mun base Merry Christmas and a prosperous new year to everyone!
  11. You're completely right! I had my next launch in mind, and only considered the matter from a "mechanical" point of view. Of course, the rest of the test missions should be required.
  12. Ouuuyeah! So, with this mission focusing on the booster, I take it is combinable with any other mission but the STS-1T?
  13. I'm a big fan of shuttles, rovers and ramps. But don't you think it would be too restrictive for the designs? I think part of the fun is seeing how each one of us find different solutions for the same mission requeriments. On a different line of thinking, perhaps banning the use of cargo ramps in a rover delivery mission could be quite challenging ( just using them, so people with ramps on their shuttles aren't forced to build a new shuttle from scratch ).
  14. I was considering sending an asteroid detector sat if there's room in the cargo bay, then push it to Jool with a gravity assist around Eve to scan the sky in preparation for the Jool mission. (would that be allowed?) Or you could send relay sats to Eve / Gilly to complete the network started in the 3rd Duna mission. Edit: 50 pages! Congrats!
  15. We choose to go to Mun, not because it's easy, but because michal.don tells us to do so! (And because of the badges!) Not much time for KSP lately, RL gets in the way whenever I try to build something . Fortunately the only meaningful change to the shuttle for this mission was emptying some OMS tanks. Other than that, I added a couple of solar panels and fuel cells just in case, and replaced the DTS-M1 antenna for a HG-5 to look closer to the real thing: About the reentry, the Dessert airfield or the KSC were too far behind my re-entry point so I went the long way around. The altitude profile is pretty much the same as a skip re-entry (see below), just not leaving the atmosphere at any time: STS-5T report here Craft file here