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  1. I have no idea if it's intended to work like that or a bug, but that's how the KAL always worked for me. Using the subassembly as the main craft and attaching the ship as a subassembly should work. Also, it is possible to move the programmed kal-1000 and attach it to a different part, however you can not duplicate the programing by duplicating the part with alt+click. And of course the sequence for a particular servo will be gone too if you remove it from the craft.
  2. Thanks michal.don! Absolutely, you should check robotics thoroughly when you find the time for it, they're game changers!
  3. My submission for the LOP-G missions. This should have been ready a month or so ago, but the footage for the third flight got corrupted, then I got lazy and finally flew it again last weekend. The shuttle was updated, some changes were just cosmetic to look a bit closer to the real thing ( reworked OMS pods, the area where the wings join the fusselage ). In order to have a proportional size, instead of proper SFBs, now it uses mainsails under 1.875 m tanks (it was built in ksp 1.7, the new SFBs from 1.8 will probably replace them). The other addition was the robotic arm, which game me
  4. I did this a while ago as part of the shuttle challenge, the goal for this mission was to perform a flyby of 4 out of the 5 joolian moons, then burn into jool's atmosphere:
  5. Winged contraptions are the best kind of contraptions, atmosphere present or not! ( I miss more of them on the KSP2 trailer btw )
  6. Duh, I'd say it looks cool, but it is not practical at all ( a KMU would have done the job a thousand times by now ). The main reason to take the hard way is to learn how robotics work.
  7. Yes, but apparently the sequence of movements is not copied, not even the list of servos. Or am I doing something wrong?
  8. Congrats on the Minmus mission! Yep, but that's the easy part, the start and end of the sequences are the same, and only a few positions need to reprogramed on the shuttle arm itself. Transfering the second arm into the station, using it's two docking ports to move first from the shuttle to the PPE and then to the habitat module it is far more problematic as the root docking port changes whenever it moves to the next attachment point. For each movement the arm must be copied again in a different position and apparently there's no way to duplicate the programming when copying a
  9. Manual on how to be entertained for an evening ( now with more shuttles!!!!1!! ): 1 - Start working on the robotic arm moves. " Most of them are done, I think I can finish the rest today and finally start the REAL mission " 3 - " Done, now I should try them with the set of moves already stored " 2 - Realize how the previous set of moves that you saved into the KAL-1000's are gone. 3 - Panic! 4 - Check all the shuttles in the SPH and VAB only to find none of them has the moves you are looking for. 5 - Panic again! 6 - Check the savegames and find the only
  10. Sounds like the CoL went in front of the CoM during the flight. I'd recommend this mod, among other things it draws the CoM with empty tanks (or you can empty the tanks by hand, depending on the number of tanks, it can get boring quite quickly):
  11. I will check it after work, but I'm pretty sure I used the servo's central node to attach the fuel tank and left the radial ones empty, then rotated the tank 90º and attached the rest of the stuff to the fuel tank. Actually, the tank is attached to the surface of the servo, and all the nodes are free.
  12. lol, I don't think I did anything really spectacular to deserve the badge, I only built a base on Duna instead of just landing. The forums are full of people doing impossible things that make my jaw drop to the ground everyday. I followed the same sequence as you for the nacelles. However, I don't recall any heavy bouncing after turning the servos. They are aligned with the CoM ( dry and wet ), and the engine gimbals are disabled. No KAL-1000 on board. What action groups are you using? My setup had three, one to toogle the lock, another to set maximum angle on the s
  13. @sturmhauke It's nice to see the nacelle's issue has been solved. A fantastic design that would be extremely steady on vtol mode! @Speeding Mullet Thanks! Welcome back too! Duna 2 and 3, planting a flag on Ike, and finally a return from Eve using only 500 dV. Those are some serious navigational skills! Small sneak peek and questions:
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