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  1. Thanks michal.don! The mod is Camera tools, but the link in the OP is for KSP v1.0.5. This one is updated for v1.3.1: https://github.com/jrodrigv/CameraTools/release. The Duna STS-3 was my first time using the mod, and I probably abused the fly-by perspective because it looks just amazing. I'm already preparing the Mun missions, but I've been wondering if a system like this falls into the shuttle category...
  2. First things first: Congratulations on getting your degree @michal.don !!! And enjoy your new place! Duna STS-3: https://imgur.com/a/qb7Lv The video report is almost finished, but it has the slight problem of being 47 minutes long... ... What was I thinking?? I will try to reduce it to a more manageable length before uploading it. For now I'd say the album has all the information and despite being somewhat long (nearly a hundred images), it's not so time consuming. Edit: Craft file: https://kerbalx.com/Ozelui/Aurora-shuttle-mk-3
  3. After loading the final modules for the orbital outpost there was a lot of unused space in the cargo bay... and the shuttles were already in transit by the time the Duna STS-3 was released, so at launch i wasn't expecting to go back to the red planet in a loooooong while. Kindly contact the KSC black ops department informing them about the offending equipment. I'm confident it will not be hit by a meteor / aliens / nuke / etc shortly Th-Thank you! I was expecting it to be pilot level after not landing on the runway the first time! Merry Christmas, and a happy new year!
  4. Duna STS-2 https://imgur.com/a/BPnZQ I would have liked to do the report in video format, but I'm afraid I don't have enough spare time for all the video editing, so it's an imgur album this time. I'd suggest reviewing it after getting your diploma, michal.don Best of luck with the thesis! Craft files: https://kerbalx.com/Ozelui/Supernova-mk-2 https://kerbalx.com/Ozelui/Pulsar-shuttle-2-mk-3
  5. Duna base Alpha is open for business! Time to go back home and prepare the full report
  6. Hi, A couple days ago i found this bug in my current game: Both the rover and the trailer were created as part of the same ship originally, once in Duna they were decoupled independently and i docked them later to transfer LFO to the scout rover from the mining trailer. The rover appears to float after undocking, but it is still connected to the trailer. When time warp is activated all the rover parts return to the original position as if it were docked. I'm playing 1.3.0 x64, with just one mod installed, KJR v 3.3.3 (up to date). I tried to delete the mod and load the scene again, but the rovers have the same behaviour, so i'd say is not related to the mod. I also tried to modify the persistent file using KML 0.7.2 to fix all the docking bugs, but the problem persists. Connecting another rover with a claw didn't fix anything either. Any ideas?
  7. Craft compatibility, load times, frame rates, steam computers like mine... Ouuuuyeah !!! Nice mission, i'm looking forward to fly it. Would a spaceplane count as a lander, or it must be a traditional vertical lander? I didn't know much about Wernher Von Braun's Mars mission ( and still don't ) but after reading this my jaw dropped to the ground: "He envisioned an "enormous scientific expedition" involving a fleet of ten spacecraft with 70 crew members that would spend 443 days on the surface of Mars before returning to Earth"
  8. LOL! , Thanks! And thanks for the badge too Yes, I did try a direct entry, and the shuttle survived it without loosing anything really important - landing gear, wings, cockpit... - , but most of the weak parts - solar panels, radiators, landing lights, rcs thrusters, part of the cargo bay door... - were gone. Carrying 30k? units of liquid fuel in the tanks, i didn't feel like loosing all that equipment. Also, I noticed that only one of my satellites is working as inteded. The rest either don't have the right antenna and are not able to relay the signal, or don't have enough electric charge to send orbital data back to the KSC. The building tug had to be left in Ike orbit because of the faulty comm network. So i have several things to redeploy in the next flight.
  9. Here is my entry for the Duna STS 1. The cargo bay of the shuttle i was going to use originally ( the Nova ) was made with a fairing and wing connectors. The fairing ended in a ring made of radiators, leaving the rear end of the fairing open, and allowing kerbals or parts to pass. Until the ship was reloaded. After a reload, the fairing acted as if it were completely closed, and undocking any part inside the fairing ended in an unplanned dissasembly. Too bad i discovered that little problem in low Duna orbit. I really liked some characteristics of the Nova, so I decided to rebuild over the same design and the Supernova was born. No fairings this time, only good old reliable wing connectors. Since i had to start over ( false, a good chunk of the structure like wings, tail, nose, the whole payload... is the same ) , i also doubled the size of the cargo bay. I have yet to run a few tests like water landing / take off, but i'm very happy with how it performed in the first Duna mission. Warning: The video is half an hour long, so find some music you enjoy, a drink and relax. I tried to make the video as short as possible, and removed several aerobrake maneuvers in the way back to Kerbin. In one of those the nose solar panels exploded, other than that, the only damage to the shuttle can be seen during the final landing. Craft file: https://kerbalx.com/Ozelui/Supernova-mk-1 Edit: I almost forgot it, i'm using the Kerbal reinforcement joints mod (only that one).
  10. @Andetch Yes, i think you need to land with the pod inside the cargo bay. A warning for the landing: the pod likes to break when you touch the ground... or, like in my case, once landed, when a kerbal dares to get out of the cockpit
  11. Thanks! My second shuttle should be ready soon ( it can reach LKO already but has some landing problems - The "We all are going to die" kind of problems ). A few boosters here and there, some lift surfaces and it should be good to go.
  12. @michal.don, regarding the Duna missions, what constitutes a support package? "NOTE: You may launch 1 support package for your shuttle using a traditional rocket or shuttle launch for this mission." Is there any limitation as to where the second rocket / shuttle can go? Can it go all the way to Duna?
  13. Would something like this: work for you? It's a very simple assembly with a Quad adapter to hold the SRBs together, and struts to reinforce the structure. That said, i usually prefer to keep them separated like this: With a strut near the SRB nose and another one near the tail to avoid RUDs.
  14. It took a lot of explodium and time, but i think i found a worthy succesor for my aging shuttle: I'm still working on the Duna payload and boosters, but i expect to finish both soon
  15. Hey, you left the joke in orbit, i had to land it somewhere! By the way, to put the badges in the signature, you can use a code like this in profile -> signature: [ url=https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/164104-shuttle-challenge-v5-the-sts-thread-stock-and-mod-friendly-new-mission-782017/& ][ img ]http://i.imgur.com/bE1JPq5.jpg[ /img ][ /url ] (Without the spaces, i added them so the forum doesn't recognice the code). Save it and open the signature again.