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  1. I was considering sending an asteroid detector sat if there's room in the cargo bay, then push it to Jool with a gravity assist around Eve to scan the sky in preparation for the Jool mission. (would that be allowed?) Or you could send relay sats to Eve / Gilly to complete the network started in the 3rd Duna mission. Edit: 50 pages! Congrats!
  2. We choose to go to Mun, not because it's easy, but because michal.don tells us to do so! (And because of the badges!) Not much time for KSP lately, RL gets in the way whenever I try to build something . Fortunately the only meaningful change to the shuttle for this mission was emptying some OMS tanks. Other than that, I added a couple of solar panels and fuel cells just in case, and replaced the DTS-M1 antenna for a HG-5 to look closer to the real thing: About the reentry, the Dessert airfield or the KSC were too far behind my re-entry point so I went the long way around. The altitude profile is pretty much the same as a skip re-entry (see below), just not leaving the atmosphere at any time: STS-5T report here Craft file here
  3. Ozelui

    Arrrrrr, TREASURE MAP !

    Ahoy! Captain's plan was sailin' all 'round the coast, board some ships for treasure 'n' then drink. Sent our cap to feed da sharks. Arrrrr! Now let da drinkin' begin! https://imgur.com/a/hEUuxBd
  4. That's good advice, thanks. I was doing both already, but maybe I could push a bit harder on both fronts. After watching my last flight ( 13 min ) at double speed, I'd say it works fine for a review. A bit accelerated but nothing too bad. Will try that for the next one and see how it goes.
  5. Thanks @michal.don! Perhaps my videos are too long? As a rookie editor I never know what to cut out of the film. Would the reports be easier for you to review if they were made with just screenshots?
  6. In the first video, between 3:50 and 4:10. And at the very end of the video inside the cargo bay. Yeah, I was surpired how wobbly the whole station was... however, after using autostruts for all the docking ports, it became rock solid ( i.e. during the shuttle docking)
  7. STS-T4 This took a while, but finally here are the reports for the skylab missions. Part 1: Part 2:
  8. Sounds like we both had a similar idea... I've done this for the STS-Test 4 to lift the station to orbit without using a rocket (because this is the shuttle challenge and using rockets feels out of place ). It's not part of the actual mission, which is still in progress, therefore the "launch 0" name, but I plan to reuse the design in future missions if it's allowed.
  9. This. If the .craft can not be loaded in a stock install, then it's modded. * except for the kerbal joint reinforcement mod, those can be loaded but give interesting spaguetti results
  10. Thanks! That's a good question, maybe the solar arrays could be transformed into a retractable structure, and then a big shuttle could take it to orbit... I didn't consider that option yet, but it should work very well for transportation and it's not that complex using mods. If the solar arrays stay as they are, probably with alt-f12.
  11. A couple of teasers, looking for feedback about this thing: And because we are already making alternate history, why not a new STS:
  12. I don't think so, looks like your shuttle has plenty of lift. OFC it all depends on what potato size are you planning to bring down