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  1. roboslacker

    No Science from recovering asteroids? RIDICLIOUS

    A while ago I ran an asteroid intercept mission in a science save and got no science, so I gave myself some science through the debug menu.
  2. roboslacker

    The Dessert Derby 2018

    I spent a few hours today working on getting the Rocket Racer to the starting line.
  3. roboslacker

    An Aquatic Adventure

    I like the new kerbs. The best kerbal name I've gotten is Tedhat.
  4. How high did Milbart jump?
  5. roboslacker

    An Aquatic Adventure

    Well I can't believe that we're on the second page already.
  6. roboslacker

    Rephrase the scentence above!

    Jump over the non-pugnilised selachian entity
  7. roboslacker

    An Aquatic Adventure

    Who's Bob Johnson? More like what is Bob Johnson. Bob Johnson is an ideal, a perfect everyman, a way of life. But more than anything, Bob Johnson is a meme.
  8. roboslacker

    An Aquatic Adventure

    I propose that the ferry be named Bob Johnson.
  9. roboslacker

    The Dessert Derby 2018

    Today I ran a test of the Rocket Racer mk2. I've made significant changes since the last test, including replacing the entire fuselage. This time I actually finished the course with a time of 6:25, so I think the car, with some symmetry fixes to the seperatrons, is ready for the real run. Just need to find a way to get the 41 ton beast to the start line.
  10. roboslacker

    Stock Boeing Pelican, *HUGE AIRCRAFT*

    I remember seeing this in the WDYDTIKSP thread a few months ago. Nice to see that you got it to work.
  11. roboslacker

    The Dessert Derby 2018

    I did a test last night, but I ran over the starting flag and had to reset it.
  12. roboslacker


    Well, congrats on finishing the mission.
  13. roboslacker

    The Dessert Derby 2018

    I ran another test of the Rocket Racer today. It uncovered some symmetry errors, a problem with the drop tanks, and revealed that the 'door armor' system doesn't work. The test came to an end after 7 minutes and a bit just a bit away from the finish line.