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  1. roboslacker

    LOST on Laythe - Chapter 15 – Siren Song

    Shiny! But does it have the mission logo?
  2. roboslacker

    What funny/interesting thing happened in your life today?

    Today I had a serious crisis when my laptop stoped working altogether. It stayed non functional until my brother took a look at it, and found that it was just out of power.
  3. Sorry, I've been having trouble with various bugs.
  4. roboslacker

    The New Dres Appreciation Society

    Dres is nice because it's easy to land on, and pretty close to kerbin.
  5. I also didn't introduce myself. I'm Roboslacker, and I have around 400 hours in KSP on steam. I play with light mods, and have a mission thread. I've also made some Gmod comics.
  6. roboslacker

    Surface area of KSP bodies, in perspective

    Nice to see that the state of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations is bigger than something.
  7. roboslacker

    Making a Dollar or Two- BOOK TWO

    If you can pull that off, this story might be almost as convoluted as Kerny Kerman's Journal.
  8. roboslacker

    My Jool 5 Attempt.

    Neat. Are you planning to launch with an Armada or a Mothership?
  9. roboslacker

    My Jool 5 Attempt.

    Good luck, and go big.
  10. roboslacker

    Ask the Mods questions about the Forums!

    How do you vote on TOTM?
  11. roboslacker

    Making a Dollar or Two- BOOK TWO

    Yay Content!
  12. roboslacker

    Revelations of the Kraken (Chapter 34: Truth... and Consequences)

    Yay Content! Also, you should consider taking your Burdous to a repair shop to have it looked at.
  13. roboslacker

    The Truth Can Now Be Told - Blind Panic

    Yay for 1.6!
  14. roboslacker

    ALIEN SKIES: A 6.4-scale playthrough of GPP/Rald

    Maybe it's time the engineers stop using 2mm drills. Try 3mm drills next time.