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  1. The first Munar takes place, and planning begins on the second Munar rescue. On the Mun On Kerbin Back on the Mun
  2. Three rockets go up and two return. On the Mun On Kerbin On the Mun
  3. A few days ago I reinstalled KSP and started a new science save This is its story So, this is a mostly stock playthrough (more on that later), with both DLCs. Last time I seriously played KSP I managed a Duna round trip, so I want to at least match that with this one. So far in this save I've done basic starter flights, launched Jeb into interplanetary space, landed a Munbase, done a Minmus landing, and scanned Kerbin's moons. So now current stuff. And that's where things stand now.
  4. Flew a Minmus mission, sent a rover to my Mun base, and launched scanning satellites to Kerbin's Moons Details and Pictures
  5. https://images.app.goo.gl/vjUdMDrZtgShL75h9
  6. I started a new science mode save, and did some usual opening flight stuff, after which I launched Jeb into interplanetary space, and sent him for a Mun flyby on the return trip. After that I launched two mun lunder probes, neither of which had enough fuel to finish the mission. One crashed into the surface, I put the other into orbit. After that I launched a permanant (until further notice) manned mun base, which worked. Screenshots
  7. Today I reinstalled the game after 3 years and got the Breaking Ground dlc. Tryna figure out how to use the new parts
  8. Been working on this for about a month now. In another month it'll be done.
  9. "Why in the Hell would I do that? And why would I agree?" Sting- Dead Man's Boots
  10. It is recorded that the Babylonians were making sap around 2800 BC and that it was known to the Phoenicians around 600 BC. These early references to soap and soap making were apropos the use of soap in the cleaning of textile fibers such as wool and cotton in preparations for weaving into cloth.
  11. Try the following expiriment: But a tennis ball. It looks round right? Now steal a road roller and drive over it. This revels the true form of the tennis ball, which is flat. This experiment proves that round objects are actually flat objects that are being looked at wrong.
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