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  1. Here is the LB to carry Lander, Made it to orbit and maybe enough fuel for transfer to Duna. We will see this afternoon. https://imgur.com/a/QeW4QSK
  2. Mark IV build of Mars TV show type lander. The 1st test went well working on an LB now, building for Duna landing. Album here https://imgur.com/a/UUrqzB3
  3. Thanks @Chesseccake Note when using the CA - Mk3 Orbiter Flight Testing craft file, I removed the cargo and lost fuel connection. Had to add line from main tank to Shuttle.
  4. Hello all, Are there any 1.5.1 carft files or even a drawing of how to build out these parts?
  5. As an old schooler LOL as in I was Born in 1966 Apollo Area, Its great to see you pushing forward! Just remember what happen to Ian Musk and his company stock price and forget Social media pics when you launch your R/L rockets.
  6. Flight Time 00d:01h:00m:12s Race Time 00d:00h:11m:40s Total Time 00d:01h:11m:40s Album link https://imgur.com/a/HWYD6zO
  7. Ah now locking or docking to lifter is issue, I use airbrakes on the inside to block down my truck.
  8. @Triop May I ask why we are building transports? When we can launch from hanger to Desert runway by tap?
  9. If your using a Beta copy of Win 10 I have noted that many Apps. are running in the background and are not needed at all. As @YNMsaid open up the The task manager and see what running and if more than one instance is running. If thats a pain then maybe give Game Booster a try. It will kill off lots of back ground crap. Company s like google love to preload ads and crap.
  10. May be time for some house cleaning m8. https://www.ccleaner.com/
  11. STX cargo plane I think or a SM HELO drop. As Gaarst said cargo planes are hard on things.
  12. I'm up for the Semi Mod and Pro Mod Classes. Both run on EPUs and Fuel.
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