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  1. Terribly sorry guys, but you have to skip me. I mean, what is the probability that out of all the saves I copy to my second computer, all work fine EXPECT the community space station one. And since I now do not have aces to that computer, yeah... (I think you get the message even thought its not in English...) All the other saves work fine... just the one I needed does not... and to think that I was nearly done... Well, never mind, thanks for waiting and I am really really sorry you waited so long for nothing. Since I dumped a lot of my time into this, I can not enlist into the waiting list immediately, but as soon as I have more time I will be sure to write a requested to get added and finally finish something. Again, thanks so much for all the patience, and I am so sorry I could not make it, Anonymmm
  2. Neat, thanks!
  3. Hi again, so sorry to ask such an "obvious" question, but no matter how hard I try, I can not manage to find any post explaining forum formatting (or how do you call it). I need to post something and want to use those spoiler thingies to hide images, so the post does not look too long. Could anyone please explain how do you do that, or perhaps send me a link to some sort of wiki/forum page about this? Thanks a lot, Anonymmm
  4. @53miner53, Sorry for taking so much time, but school is kind of getting in the way (chemistry test last day before holidays)... However, since its Friday, I should be able to finish my module and post the save file this evening (EU time), probably around midnight. Thanks for the reminder, Anonymmm
  5. Yay! Little question thought... how do I get the latest save file? Thanks EDIT: I think I got it now, but thanks anyway...
  6. Well, if I see that the station has a need for a big module, I will add a "small" big one Thanks
  7. Ok, just gonna make add a small module than - when the list gets to me. Thanks!
  8. Hey guys, been watching you for a while now waiting patiently for my turn and thinking about what to build. However, I am getting a bit confused by the... ...rule. I mean, I don't want to build anything huge or even just big, but five parts? That's like a Mobile processing lab and four struts connecting it to the docking ports! I am confused... and especially now when you guys are talking about orbiters and stuff. How can that be possibly made in five parts?? Could anyone explain a little? Thanks a bunch, Anonymmm
  9. Timba, his arms wide! So, should I guess? Ok: @Probodobodyne QBE
  10. @Probodobodyne QBE, indeed it is
  11. @53miner53 @rockets-don't-make-toast, thanks for the warm welcome! Looking forward to add something soon Anonymmm
  12. Hey guys, I was searching through this challenge sub forum for quiet some time now, but couldn't exactly find anything "easy" to start with. I mean, I am probably able to manage most of the challenges, somehow, but almost all the people who post have such nicer, sleeker and more stylish designs (not even talking about efficiency) so I just don't want to spoil the threads with my mostly ugly "experiments"... So, I decided to start off with something a little bit simpler... this! I have already noticed that there is a big waiting list (or is there?), but no worries, school keeps me occupied fairly nicely so I can wait, although I have some free time this/next week. So, can I join in? Make a module? If so, what do you guys want me to make? I made quiet a nice deep space station - or more like station core - design like a week ago, would you want me to put that somewhere, maybe around Duna/Ike/Minmus/somewhere else? My little station design: The struts... terribly sorry for putting it up like this, I wanted to put it into one of those spoiler thingies, but after 20 minutes of failing to do so quit the idea. Anyway... would it fit somewhere? Or do I make something else? Thanks, Anonymmm
  13. Hey, I was so impatient that I started experimenting and worked it out myself. Apparently, ESET Smart Security by default blocks all UDP communication - so basically, if you port forward, ESET will block it... Nevertheless, Thanks, Anonymmm
  14. KSP: Windows 64bit Problem: Cannot establish connection between Dark Multi Player client and Dark Multi Player server Mods installed: Dark Multi Player v0.2.4.0 Reproduction steps: 1) Set a new port-forward rule named KSP, with the start port 6702, end port 6702, "Both" protocol and your local IP adress. 2) Go to site and download Client version v0.2.4.02016-11-12 16:57:11. 3) Extract the content of the downloaded file and paste the folder "Darkmultiplayer" folder located in the extracted file into your KSP "GameData" folder. 4) Go to the site and download server version v0.2.4.02016-11-12 16:57:11. 5) Extract the content of the downloaded file and paste the folder "DMP server" on your desktop. 6) Run the file "DMPServer.exe" located in the "DMP Server" folder. 7) Go to and copy you IP address. 8) Run KSP, press add in the "DarkMultiPlayer" window, type in KSP as name and use the IP address acquired in the step above to input into "Adress:", then put "6702" into "Port:", then press "Add server". 9) Select "KSP" and press "Connect". After a while, a "Connection error" message should appear. Log: I am pretty sure this does not have to do anything with the log, since no connection is even made. Thanks for any help, me and my friend want to set up a server and play together, but I can't manage to set it up... and I am very sorry in advance if I misplaced the question, but I am still new here. I will happily answer any questions related to the problem. Thanks, Anonymmm
  15. I'm back! To all of those who followed the threat: I made it to Duna! Yay! The most painful thing was actually getting this into orbit, however, when I got there, everything else went super easy. The best part was however my Duna landing. On my first few attempts, I had very little time and just wanted to quickly land, so I just dived... and crashed. Then I had to go somewhere, but the next day, I reloaded the save in which I was still in Duna orbit, pumped all the fuel to the front of the plane, then descended very slowly and patiently, planned every next step and guess what?! Landed at my first attempt, no quick saves I'm actually kind of proud of myself, since this was my first time actually landing something after a space flight (I have never done a proper Kerbin landing before) The mission also gave me 10 000 science without me even actually doing any science on the surface / in high atmosphere, so I maximised my still not quiet complete tech tree quiet easily. Big shout out to: @AeroGav @bewing @Allocthonous @Snark @FleshJeb @Spricigo ... and all the others. There is no way I would make it without you guys! Thanks! Your grateful, Anonymmm