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  1. Duna Explorer - slightly overkill

    As a RP and mothership/station sucker myself, these are amazing. I like your taste on spacecrafts.
  2. What did you do in KSP today?

    Keranne Kerman performing final visual observasions on Mun Orbital Station after a new life support recycler docked and unnecessary RCS ports have been cleaned out, rover returned from a risky polar expedition to refuel and brought tons of science to process.
  3. A mod that adds toggleable input lag?

    Yes, currently the best option is RemoteTech and signal delay can be toggled on/off in Space Center view. Here's the wiki link. But it also provides a whole new communication network mechanic.
  4. Just as @Nicias said. You can minimize inclination change dV by launching at the target AN/DN with correct inclination to LKO as possible, you can make little correction after the launch. Then all you need is to create a manuever node with ~920/950 dV (930 according to dV Map) depending on the desired flyby/orbit around the Minmus. It takes a little more dV to be captured by Minmus' SOI, but it takes significantly lower to adjust your orbit, land/take off and return. Because of its low gravity, it's much easier to mess around it, feels even kinda cheaty
  5. [1.2.x] Structural Tubing

    Hey, thanks for the great mod, one of my essentials now. Just two things: 1. Can I change the default texture? I usualy use dark grey and clicking the "next texture" five times every time I place a new part is a bit overwhelming. 2. Tubular Platform and Torus are sometimes hard to attach by their middle nodes due to lots of side nodes. Can you put a right click menu option to disable their side nodes temporarily?