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  1. OneSmallStepForKerbal


    [snip] thats the crash file
  2. OneSmallStepForKerbal


    Heres the second problem. While KSP was loading, the game randomly crashed as soon as it started loading the asset bundles.
  3. OneSmallStepForKerbal


    I did see the thing about logs
  4. OneSmallStepForKerbal


    I read it and I have all addons installed correctly. (Thanks to CKAN)
  5. OneSmallStepForKerbal


    Hi! Im having a serious problem where I was installing mods (BDarmory,FASA,Etc.) And Suddenly, I came across a problem. When I launched the game, and went eva, my kerbal dissapears, into oblivion! Same Thing with decoupling stages, or clamps. I tried deleting all mods and reinnstalling ksp, but then, all there was in the Squad Folder, Was the squadcore. Help! (Version 1.3.0)
  6. I got stuck on the fifth part because It Doesn't exist in my folder
  7. Also, How Do you Install BDArmory Corretcly? Because Im Missing the logo on the parts menu of BDarmory, And Control Menu. Plus, I dont have most of the parts that are showcased.
  8. Also, I have a problem where I can't control turrets.
  9. Hey, Im having a Problem Where When I put a missile on a rocket I can't arm it because its not shown in the weapons tab. Help!
  10. Hey, Im having a problem where there is no part called Weapon Manager so that I can arm nukes. I downloaded 3.0.0, and Version 1.3.0
  11. OneSmallStepForKerbal

    My Parts or kerbals dissapear when I seperate them or eva!

    No, they don't go poof, not they don't get catapulted
  12. I'm having a problem where when I separate objects or eva kerbals, they disappear! I tried Uninstalling and reinstalling, but it doesn't help!
  13. Hey! Im having a problem where when I EVA or separate stages from my ship, they dissapear. Help!