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  1. I managed to figure out less invasive method of dealing with blue globe, narrowing the problematic config parameters to {... Rt = 6511000 ...} in ./GameData/RSSVE/Scatterer_Configs/Earth/Earth_Atmosphere.cfg file. I have no idea what this string does, I only know that when I change it to Rt = 6461153.5 (value taken from Scatterer configs), I receive non-opaque Earth.
  2. Yes, it's only temporary duct tape-like workaround. I can add that the problem is not only with Earth, but with most other celestial bodies with config in /RSSVE/Scatterer_Config folder. They share something in common, but I'm struggling to figure out what exactly. The opaque bodies are: Earth, Jupiter, Mars, Neptune, Saturn, Titan, Venus. Pluto and Trinton, despite having atmosphere configs in given folder, have visible textures. When I switch to tracking station view, I can glance at Earth texture for a fraction of second before the blue sphere appears. There is some layer which supposed to be transparent. Removing upper cloud layer did not changed anything.
  3. The blue globe problem is very frustrating indeed; the workaround is to swap ./GameData/RSSVE/Scatterer_Configs/Earth/Earth_Atmosphere.cfg with ./GameData/scatterer/config/Planets/Kerbin/atmo.cfg - copy atmo.cfg, rename the copy and replace the Earth_Atmosphere.cfg file with it. Tested it with a simple hop out of the atmosphere, looks nice, same goes for monitoring station screen.