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  1. Any good place you would recommend to start/learn modelling?
  2. Yeah, I also get all of the Autodesk programs free and Unity as well for me. Worst case maybe I use Maya, I just really don’t want to have to learn another program. C4D took me long enough for other things and if I have to learn another modeling program it will just burn me out and I won’t do modding.
  3. I'm planning on getting into modding soon (ish) since I have a background in software development and am currently studying it. I receive access to many paid programs for free since I'm a student, one of them being Cinema 4D. I know it quite well, and from my current understanding most modders use Blender for their models in their mod. I'd prefer to not have to learn another program for this. Is Cinema 4D alright for modeling KSP mod models?
  4. Hi, I'd like my username changed to "Zerxal" without the quotations, of course. Yes I'm 100% sure.
  5. I am using RO. I didn't say I did because the only mod that really changed the aerodynamics was FAR, which I stated I had installed.
  6. See, I'm recreating the Ares V, so I can't really add fins or any other design change, because then it wouldn't look like the original design.
  7. The rocket still tips over even when I limit the thrust and everything. Is there like a video recording mod that I can use?
  8. (the ascent guidance settings) (the rocket on the launchpad, both sides are identical) The rocket also starts spinning once it get's into the air, I assume MJ is trying to do the regular spin once in the air, but it just keeps doing it, not stopping. I don't have time to make a video right now, I'm doing some things.
  9. MechJeb completely throws my craft out of control when it starts it's gravity turn. It just tumbles head first spinning and eventually crashes into the ocean or ground. My friend gave me these craft, and he said when you tell Ascent Guidance to fly these crafts to a orbit of 180-300km, it works fine. Even with Smart A.S.S it doesn't work. I'm running MechJeb for 1.2.2. Does anybody know what I can do to try to get MechJeb to not tip my rocket over? (I have no log because this isn't really a crash or a bug)
  10. Disregard this question, one of my mods needed realfuels for it's engines to work.
  11. Does anybody know how to fix engines and SRB's not appearing in staging..? I've taken the parts off, put them back on, and still nothing in the staging for my engines and SRB's.
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