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  1. Hello! Today I want to show you one of my recent builds. It's KAMA3 truck from Russia. I made 2 versions: 1. Stock: 2. With Tweakscale: Screens of real truck: features: If you press space on full throttle you'll see exhaust smoke. Decent interior (there are even 2 cup holders) It drives really nice although it's slow. It's only stock parts (with making history expansion) here so download it and drive around with your balalaika and ushanka! I tried everything to make stock version look like real one but I couldn't achieve it without tweakscale. Download Stock: with Tweakscale: V2.craft?dl=0
  2. Hello comrades I haven't been here for a long period of time. But now it's time to comeback. I thought it would be fantastic to fly this thing in KSP so I made one. Grab some screens: I hope you'll like it. Pros: Guns Badass look Cons: Too wide (I made it based on the side picture and I used my memory [back when I was playing Cod MW series] and it turned out to be too bulky) At least on my PC it has strange bug with Firespitter (I'll explain later) Not too authentic, because I added four small engines under the rotor so it could fly faster. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~DOWNLOAD~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~REQUIRED MODS~~~~~~~~~ FIRESPITTER BDArmory Squad (KSP game) <<<MODPACK FOR Mi24 (1.3 KSP)>>> FOR Mi24 KSP 1.3.rar?dl=0 FIRESPITTER BUG: When you put power to max it'll has only 300RPM on the rotors. You have to adjust the throttle carefully.
  3. I love it! This looks so realistic! I can't wait to launch it! edit: I can't find that mod for flag that you have there so I can't launch it. It would be cool if you give me link to download this mod.
  4. Привет! Hello! As I promised, here it is! The KV-1. Heavy soviet tank. Front: Rear: It was really difficult for me to make this tank. I couldn't fill some gaps between parts because of angles but at the end I managed to fit every part correctly. As you might know, I've made T-34 tank few days ago. This is my next project. I tried to use stock parts wherever I could but at the end this tank needs the same mods as my previous, T-34. Here's the list of them: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Mods that you need: BDArmory CAL++ Firespitter KerbalFoundries KSPWheel (comes with Kerbal Foundries) North Kerbin Weaponry Old School Turrets TeakScale All for 1.2 Version ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Pros: -Same as T-34 this one can travel huge distances. - It has machinegun and rotable turret with working cannon (thanks to Old School Turrets mod) Cons: -Refuelling isn't possible. -No interior -do NOT even try to speed up time while driving it! DOWNLOAD .Craft file Mods: You can download them from my previous post with T-34
  5. Thanks for every positive comment. Now I'm working on KV-1 but now it looks rather sloppy.
  6. привет! Recently, I've been working on a T-34 tank. Here's what I made: Project: Probably completed Tank is made for 1.2 version. It features many thing like: Working cannon and machinegun, Very fast speed for a tank (can reach up to 45m/s risking tracks to broke and 35.2m/s is the highest safe speed.) Refuelling is possible via docking port on the back but I think you won't use this feature because it can travel huge distances at the amount of fuel that you have in your tank. In my opinion this tank is very fun to drive and shoot. Looks almost like original one. Here is .craft file with mods that you need to run it. Everything packed into .zip. Mods that you need: BDArmory CAL++ Firespitter KerbalFoundries KSPWheel (comes with Kerbal Foundries) North Kerbin Weaponry Old School Turrets TeakScale All for 1.2 Version .craft + MODS - 374.55MB Only .Craft File - 231KB