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  1. could you post a link, can't seem to find a method to search hangers
  2. depends on the distance, closer to the KSC ICBM style doesn't accomplish anything, once you get a certain distance away however it will become gradually more efficient
  3. I found his being a jackass and trying to add drama and ruining a video which was just some cool inspiration, whether or not it was possible, to be entirely valid reasoning to unsub and dislike all the videos I had liked previously. Making "debunk" videos is just petty and pointless.
  4. so then this idea is trash, launching ships at thousands of kilometers per second would quite simply ruin the game. like completely ruin the entire point of the game. If you want completely terrible spaceflight mechanics go play some random sci-fi garbage game.
  5. wouldn't this cause many more significant issues, if one person is flying to another planet or moon the speed of that object must also be adjusted in order to account for the fact the vessel is moving faster, but when this is done then another player attempting some maneuver has to deal with those objects moving at faster rates and everything, basically when somebody is warping all other locations in the game cannot be used until that person has completed their maneuver. multiplayer would be pointless if only one person could actually do something at a time.
  6. I had accidently misread sts-2a for commander level as having two in geosync I have the shuttle equipped now to set up the proper constellation, while I'm at it here is sts-2b:
  7. Well, this is actually my first post, but I figured since I've had a likely excessive amount of experience with rockets and practically none with shuttles that I'd go ahead and make some submissions; shuttle name: Icarus STS-1a: I did lose track of my altitude a little when waiting for circularization so jebs play time did cause me a minor panic... I also forgot I shut down the main fuel tanks at first to prevent accidently burning that fuel with the booster. my reentry was sloppy but I did manage to land at the KSC so I guess I can't complain. I have a decent amount of excess fuel in both the booster and shuttle so carrying some payloads shouldn't cause me too many problems. STS-1b I'll add spoilers for future submissions now; sts-2a