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  1. Just a question - Do you use CustomBarnKit? Because in the dev thread it says KCT and CustomBarnKit is not working good together?
  2. Sweet! I was hoping for a DLC of some kind! For me the paid hour is down to 0.099$ so Im not disappointed for a paid DLC! Its cool to make the classic "create - play - share" feature, where you put the creation in the customers hands, like other games also have. But I would also hope to see some new features in the game. Where they maybe take some of these must have mods into the stock game like they did with the signal gameplay. Keep up the good work!
  3. Have someone found a solution to play with stock signal and stock signal UI? I know I can go into Settings.cfg and change signal = true to signal = false. However, I still dont have the stock UI for signal, and when I want to tranfer data it use up all the power. I dont know if that is a feature in Kerbalism or it is a bug when I have diable Kerbalism signal. Anyone know a solution or have the same problem?
  4. Any idea when this will be updated for the newest version and included in Ckan?