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  1. Ok, In carreer I made a full trip around Duna and returned into the atmosphere of Kerbin realising that I didn't put any chutes ...
  2. Ok, I read all of your comment and I think I found the issue. I always have a TWR of 2 or higher so the prograde marker stay higher than the nose of my rocket. When I launch a rocket I wait until 100 m/s and I start to turn to about 10 degrees. When I hit 12000 m I'm about 70 degrees. It's funny because I bought the game in April 2013 (yes I'm going to have the Making History Expansion for free !!) and I'm still not capable of making an efficient LKO. My rockets have always way more Delta-V than they should because none of my manoeuver are efficient. I can go every where but I know that my efficiency is not efficient I don't have much knowledge on how to do certain type of manoeuver (Gravity Turn, Sucide Burn etc...)
  3. So, when I look at the Delta-V chart, going into LKO must "use" 3400 m/s of Delta-V. But me when I get to orbit I "use" approximately I use at least 4200 m/s of Delta-V. I know it's quite impossible to do as the Delta-V chart say but I find that I use too much Delta-V for LKO and I think that the problem is from my gravity turn. So do you have some tips to do an efficient gravity turn ? Thank you Fly safe