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  1. Update............ My throat is sore from yelling so much. Feeling defeated!
  2. Hello again! How does one post a Status Update here on forms? TIA!
  3. Update! I was able to get past the first part of the docking training - using the normal and anti-normal maneuver nodes to aline the rescue ship's orbit with the stranded ships orbit (wow! I'm starting to sound like I know what I'm doing lol). After adding a new maneuver, and FINALLY (somewhat) understanding the concept of lining up the intercept icons, the Next button lit up! Although I'm still not done, it took me 2 days to come this far lmao. I am a little confused again now, after executing the burn the ships still didn't intercept properly (even though the distance between ships said 3-4km before the burn). Tomorrow is a new day!
  4. Wow! Huge help. Thanks FullMetalMachinist.
  5. Thank you Paul! This is a huge help, along with Scott Manley's videos. I've read that it's taken players some serious time to get this right!
  6. Hello all! So I have been playing KSP for a day or so now, and unfortunately I can't seem to get past the Docking training. I have: -Set the stranded ship to target. -Added new maneuver node (near the ascending, correct?) -Adjusted ascending and descending so the 'angle' or 'degree' is that of the stranded ship (still trying to understand this). -Executed successful burn. Here's where I'm getting confused (and please bare with me): -Added new maneuver node (anywhere?) From what I understand the idea is to get the 'two orange intercept icons' to meet up within 5km of each other? This is accomplished by... adjusting the prograde and retrograde icons, AND also adjusting the node location? (Wow!) What are the 'two pink intercept icons? Do they need to meet up as well? After 2+ hours of attempting it I resorted to searching for YouTube videos, but still can't wrap my head around it. But I am defiantly still feeling optimistic and want to nail this! Sorry I don't have any screenshots or more information! If anyone has any additional links to helping me understand this better, it would be much appreciated!
  7. Wow, thank you everyone! A strong community is what will help make this a great experience I am going to finish up the Training tomorrow (maybe do Advanced Construction, Go For Orbit and Orbiting 101 again) and then see where the Career Mode takes me. I will be honest, building the correct vehicle, getting it into orbit while understanding the terminology and correct procedures was a little overwhelming the first time around, but that makes me even more intrigued! Chances are I will look back on this post and laugh.
  8. Update! I have completed 6/13 Training missions, but am going to go back to Advanced Construction and Go For Orbit to be sure I understand the basics before moving on. There's a lot information!
  9. Good to know - I will have to look into what other PS4 players are doing to avoid said issues.
  10. Thanks again for your help everyone - A great introduction to the KSP community!
  11. My platform is Playstation 4, so I will have to spend some time learning all of the controls!
  12. Thanks ForScience! I'm defiantly going to take things slow at first - simply getting into orbit looks challenging! Thanks Korbinger! I have been watching a lot of basic tutorial videos, and going to take things one step at a time beginning with the Training.
  13. Thank you SickSix! Sgt.
  14. Hello! I have a very 'noob' question as I am still downloading Kerbal Space Program. I have read that in Sandbox Mode you are unable to get crew/EVA reports or science experiments. In career mode, is it possible to build your own space station, during or after all the completed missions? I am really looking forward to eventually building my own space station to be able to conducts research and experiments. Thank-You. Sgt.